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Книги          Автор Christopher M. A.          Издательство Orion Books

Getting Our Way
320 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Christopher M. A.
издательство: Orion Books
цена:1079 руб
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Moreover, the book is a salutary reminder that foreign policy and diplomacy begin and end with the national interest. GETTING OUR WAY recounts nine stories from Britain' s diplomatic annals over the last five hundred years, in which the diplomats themselves are at the centre of the narrative. It is an inside account of their extraordinary experiences, sometimes in the face of physical danger, often at history' s hinge. Be it Henry Killigrew' s mission to Edinburgh in 1572, Castlereagh at the Congress of Vienna, Our Man in Washington and the Nassau Deal, or the handover of Hong Kong to China, we can see how Britain has viewed its interests in the world and sought to advance them. Some of these dramatic episodes record triumph, some failure, but all of them illustrate how the three pillars of the national interest - security, prosperity and values - have been the foundation of British foreign policy for half a century. Each story is illuminated by colourful anecdotes and insights drawn from Christopher Meyer' s first-hand experience of international relations. And far from being the preserve of aloof aristocrats, the pursuit of our national interest is replete with an extraordinary combination of high principle and low cunning, vice and virtue, all with the specific aim of ' getting our way' .

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The World is Flat

So [each company said,] 'I will put my fiber down before you do, and I will get a bigger share than you.' It was supposed to be just a vertical growth line, straight up, and we each thought we would get our share, so everybody built to the max projections and assumed that they would get their share.” It turned out that while business-to-business and e-commerce developed as projected, and a lot of Web sites that no one anticipated exploded-like eBay, Amazon, and Google-they still devoured only a fraction of the capacity that was being made available. So when the dotcom bust came along, there was just way too much fiber-optic cable out there. Long-distance phone rates went from $2 a minute to 100. And the transmission of data was virtually free. “The telecom industry has invested itself right out of a business,” Mike McCue, chief operations officer of Tellme Networks, a voice-activated Internet service, told CNET News.com in June 2001. “They've laid so much fiber in the ground that they've basically commoditized themselves ...

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Коробка подарочная. Материал: мелованный, ламинированный, негофрированный картон плотностью 1100 г/м2. Отделка: полноцветный декоративный
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