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Английская художественная литература в оригинале          Автор Mireille G.          Издательство Random House UK

French Women For All Seasons
400 стр. мягкая обложка
9780099502692 978-0-09-950269-2

автор:Mireille G.
издательство: Random House UK
цена:326 руб
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Elaborating on the wise counsel of her first book, but with many more easy-to-make recipes, anecdotes, tips and a wealth of global experience, Guiliano talks us through food and dining, from her childhood in Alsace-Lorraine, renowned for its cuisine, where she learned to cook with her mother and grandmother, to Provence with its richly unusual but healthy dishes, where she expanded her repertoire though not her waistline. . . and to the present where she cooks and wines and dines for maximum enjoyment, sharing the traditions and secrets she' s gathered along the way. In the voice that entranced more than a million honorary French women, she demonstrates that equilibrium - being bien dans sa peau - is the key to a long and healthy life. Full of irresistible food, menus, stories and advice on everything from wine to detoxing, from yoghurt to yoga, as well as beauty tips and how to tie a scarf, this is an essential book about how to savour the gastronomic and everyday joys of life - in moderation, and, above all, with pleasure. By letter, by email, in person, readers have inundated Mireille Guiliano with requests for more advice. Her answer is: this buoyant new book full of advice, ideas and fresh, French recipes for each season. ' Who can resist a book that recommends love and chocolate as part of a balanced diet? ' asked Allison Pearson in the Daily Telegraph about Guiliano' s French Women Don' t Get Fat, a mould-breaking book that unlocked the secrets of ' The French paradox' and sold well over a million copies worldwide.

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Orange is the New Black

Tomorrow IБЂ™ll wire you money for a ticket.БЂ« The wire didnБЂ™t come for several days, but I didnБЂ™t mind; I wandered Paris in a haze of excitement, taking everything in. Alongside most French women I looked like a teenager, so to counter this I bought a pair of spidery and beautiful black crochet stockings to go with my Doc Martens and miniskirt. I didnБЂ™t care if I ever left Paris. I was in heaven, all alone. WHEN I got off the smoky thirteen-hour flight from Paris to Bali, I was surprised to see my former brewery coworker Billy waiting for me, towering above the Indonesians with a big grin on his freckled face. Billy could have passed for my brother, strawberry blond with bright blue eyes. БЂњNoraБЂ™s waiting at the resort. YouБЂ™re going to love it here!БЂ« he said. Reunited with Nora in our luxurious room, I felt shy with her in this unfamiliar setting. But she acted as if this were all perfectly normal. Bali was a bacchanalia: days and nights of sunbathing, drinking, and dancing until all hours with NoraБЂ™s crew of gay boys, any pretty locals who wanted to help us spend money, and young Euros and Aussies we met in the clubs at Kuta beach ...

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