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Книги          Автор Mercury F.          Издательство Omnibus Press

Freddie Mercury: A Life in His Own Words
176 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Mercury F.
издательство: Omnibus Press
цена:2090 руб
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The story, told in his own words shows how on many occasions, the band almost split, but was always kept together by their shared love of breaching musical boundaries. Freddie' s own personal story is one of pursuing a dream, dealing with wealth and fame, looking back and having no regrets, coming to reflect on his thoughts on getting old, his legacy and death. Though Freddie talked rarely to others about himself, the interviews published - and some unpublished up until now, compiled in this book, together with an intriguing insight into the man who outwardly exuded confidence and arrogance but behind that public perception spent periods alone and searching for happiness. Spurred on by an almost uncontrollable, ambitious and forthright Mercury, Queen succeeded, becoming the biggest band of the generations to come. Despite being in the limelight for over 20 years and selling nearly 200 million records, Freddie Mercury was a very private person - avoiding interviews as he was painfully shy and uncomfortable in the company of anyone who might intrude upon his famous ' royal family' of close friends. This book takes us on the journey of Queen - three academics and a frustrated art student, tired of having no money, taking on the music industry on their own terms.

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Now, having secured access to the remaining band members and those who were closest to Freddie, from childhood to death, Lesley-Ann has written the most in depth account of one of music' s best loved and most complex figures. Meticulously researched, sympathetic, unsensational, the book - like the forthcoming film - will focus on the period in the 1980s when Queen began to fragment, before their Live Aid performance put them back in the frame. In her journey to understand the man behind the legend, Lesley-Ann Jones has travelled from London to Zanzibar to India. Packed with exclusive interviews and told with the invaluable perspective that the twenty years since Mercury' s death presents, Freddie Mercury is the most up to date portrait of a legendary man.
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FORD EXPLORER, Ranger, Ranger Splash, Mercury Mountaineer. Модели 1991-1999 гг. выпуска с бензиновыми двигателями 2,3 л.; 2,5 л.; 2,9 л.; 3,0 л.; 4,0 л.; 5,0 л. Устройство, техническое обслуживание и ремонт
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The new graded readers series of original fiction, adapted fiction and factbooks especially written for teenagers.
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When he reads about foreign volunteers heading to the war in Spain, he knows what he must do. This is a British English version of the title.
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Structural Elegance and Harmonic Disparity. A Study of Selected Solos by Jazz Trumpeters Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw
Freddie Hubbard and Woody Shaw were two of the greatest figures in the mainstream jazz trumpet pantheon.
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