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Книги          Автор Brian B.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

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автор:Brian B.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1892 руб
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He studies the historical setting of the international stature of the EACJ tracing it from colonial times to the twenty first century. The book explores issues related to the proliferation of international courts and the impact on the EACJ, the extension of EACJ' s jurisdiction to cover human rights matters and exercise appellate jurisdiction, the role of the EACJ in efforts to integrate and harmonize the law in partner states, the establishment of quasi dispute resolution mechanisms within the East African Community, the relationship of the EACJ and national courts and other prospects and contemporary challenges facing the court. The final chapter offers an outline of the conclusions arising from the study and adopts recommendations. Bwesigye ably analyzes the first years of the East African Court of Justice in five chapters of the book. In chapter three, the book describes the structure of the EACJ while the fourth chapter assesses the salient challenges facing the EACJ and the prospects for the court as an international court.

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The World is Flat

Men's Basketball Team Narrowly Beats Greece” You could find no better metaphor for the way the rest of the world can now compete head-to-head more effectively than ever with America than the struggles of the U.S. Olympic basketball team in 2004. The American team, made up of NBA stars, limped home to a bronze medal after losing to Puerto Rico, Lithuania, and Argentina. Previously, the United States Olympic basketball team had lost only one game in the history of the modern Olympics. Remember when America sent only NCAA stars to the Olympic basketball events? For a long time these teams totally dominated all comers. Then they started getting challenged. So we sent our pros. And they started getting challenged. Because the world keeps learning, the diffusion of knowledge happens faster; coaches in other countries now download American coaching methods off the Internet and watch NBA games in their own living rooms on satellite TV. Many of them can even get ESPN and watch the highlight reels. And thanks to the triple convergence, there is a lot of new raw talent walking onto the NBA courts from all over the world-including many new stars from China, Latin America, and Eastern Europe ...

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Teaching and Learning English as an International Language in Portugal. Policy, Practice and Perceptions
Through qualitative and quantitative research approaches, it examines, firstly, aspects of EIL in the current basic and secondary education national policies and how ELT materials have interpreted the national guidelines and, secondly, how teachers and students view central aspects of EIL.
          3213 руб
Marketing Sri Lanka. as an International Tourist Destination
Within the last two decades, Sri Lanka’s tourism industry has grown dramatically as one of the main foreign exchange earners and employment provider.
          2414 руб
The Struggle to Teach English as an International Language
Central to this discussion is the balance of power in classroom and curriculum settings, the relationship between language, culture, and discourse, and the change in the ownership of English.
          2521 руб
The Phonology of English as an International Language
It will be of interest to all teachers of English as an International Language, especially Business English.
          2743 руб
Teaching English as an International Language
This book questions the cultural assumptions underlying much English teaching, and suggests classroom aims and teaching methods based on the requirements of an international language.
          2068 руб
International Divestment as an Emergent Strategy. Australian Managerial Attitudes and Influential Factors
Based on the findings from a survey of listed Australian MNEs, the study concludes that the making of international divestment is an emergent strategic choice, and that MNE propensity to make international divestment is driven significantly by cross-border management factors, financial factors and strategic factors.
          3213 руб
Radio Frequency Plasma Spark Plug Development and Engine Testing. Design of a quarter-wave coaxial cavity resonator for use as an ignition source for an internal combustion engine
Variations of the QWCCR RF parameters as a function of engine geometry were studied by placing the igniter in a combustion chamber and manually varying the crank position.
          2006 руб
An International Approach: Oxford English: For IGCSE as a Second Language Exam Workbook 4:
Book and use examples from the reading material to make tasks relevant and meaningful.
          951 руб
Set-Off Law and Practice: An International Handbook
- Unique international coverage of this topic - Case studies cover complex questions and provide practical solutions in each jurisdiction - Expert contributors drawn from leading practitioners around the world - Provides a comparative table giving at-a-glance key information across the jurisdictions covered Set-Off Law and Practice - An International Handbook , a joint project with the IBA, provides an invaluable guide to the application and practice of the rules of set-off in over 30 jurisdictions, spanning Europe, Asia and the US. The use of set-off as a mechanism for risk reduction in cross-border financial contracts has increased in recent years as market participants seek to reduce both operational risk (Herstatt Risk) and credit risk.
          13152 руб
The Statute of the International Court of Justice: Commentary
- The first article by article commentary on the most important court in international law - Commentary on the Statute is augmented by commentary on provisions of the UN Charter relating to the Court - Four extra chapters add broader context:
          18475 руб
Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man
Written with sections that alternate between Pota' s real-life efforts to settle on what novel to write and his many and various false starts writing that novel, Portrait of an Artist, as an Old Man is a rare and enthralling look into the artist' s search for creativity.
          455 руб
Theology As An Empirical Science (1919)
Print-on-Demand - это технология печати книг по Вашему заказу на цифровом типографском оборудовании.
          1143 руб
A School System As An Educational Laboratory (1914)
          361 руб
The Primitive Family As An Educational Agency (1913)
          1142 руб
The Brain As An Organ Of Mind
          3 руб
The Rehabilitation of the Buffalo State Hospital and the New York Central Terminal of Buffalo Buffalo as an Architectural Museum.
Case studies and public forums from around the nation have proved that there are feasible alternatives to the demolition of structures orginially designed for very specific purposes.
          2401 руб
Participation as an End versus a Means. a recurring dilemma in urban upgrading
Since the 1920s, participatory approaches to urban upgrading have demonstrated that involving the urban poor in the physical, social, and economic development of their settlements could improve their living conditions.
          2767 руб
Cross-Strait Political Influence on Taiwan`s Economy. China – Taiwan relationship as an example of political influence on Taiwan’s economy, an Application of Political-Economy Theory
The last one – the exploration of influence factors.
          1995 руб
War On Terror Discourse An Analysis of the Role X-phemism as an Aspect of Doublespeak.
X-phemism is divided into some subtypes following the hybrid model of Mazid (2003) and Allan and Burridge (1991).
          1995 руб
Use of Lifts as an Emergency Exit in Apartment Buildings. A Research Project to Determine Feasibility and Design Considerations
The research was undertaken to investigate the use of lifts as an emergency exit in apartment buildings.
          3213 руб

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