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Бизнес. Экономика. ПравоНаука. Техника.ТранспортЯзыки. ФилологияМедицина. ЗдоровьеРазное
Английский язык для повседневного и делового общения. Английский язык. Эффективный курс совершенствования английского языка          Автор Эккерсли К.Э.          Издательство М: Эксмо-Пресс

Essential English for Foreign Students: Русская версия: Ч. 3-4 Изд. доп., перераб. - 592 с. ISBN 5-04-009998-3 ~92.05.15 076

автор:Эккерсли К.Э.
издательство: М: Эксмо-Пресс
цена:85 руб
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Любите книгу всей душой! Она не только ваш лучший друг, но и до конца верный спутник

Федеральный перечень учебников 2018/2019 -30% Игры. Игрушки -30% Канцтовары -30% Всё для праздников и карнавалов -30% Товары для детей -30% Ёлочные игрушки по форме -30% Электрогирлянды -30% Прочее -18%

Словарь американских идиом: 8000 единиц

To stand out from a wall or other surface; project; extend. /The limb stuck out from the trunk of the tree./ 1b. To be seen or noticed more easily or quickly than others; be noticeable. /My house is the only brick one on the street. It sticks out and you cant miss it./ /Mary plays basketball very well. The others on the team are good, but she really sticks out./ 1c. Often used in the informal phrase stick out like a sore thumb. /John is so shy and awkward that he sticks out like a sore thumb./ Syn.: STAND OUT. 2. {informal} To keep on doing something until it is done no matter how long, hard, or unpleasant. /Bill is not a fast runner and he doesnt have a chance of winning the marathon, but he will stick out the race even if he finishes last./Often used in the phrase "stick it out". /Mathematics is hard, but if you stick it out you will understand it./ Compare: HANG ON(2), STICK WITH(1). [stick out like a sore thumb]{v. phr.} To be conspicuous; be different from the rest. /When the foreign student was placed in an advanced English grammar class by mistake, it was no wonder that he stuck out like a sore thumb./ [stick together]{v.} To remain close together in a situation. /Stick together in the cave so that no one gets lost./ /The gang stuck together after the game./ /Bill and Bob stick together in a game or in a fight./ Syn.: HANG TOGETHER(1). [stick to ones guns] or [stand by ones guns] {v. phr.} To hold to an aim or an opinion even though people try to stop you or say you are wrong. /People laughed at Columbus when he said the world was round ...

Антипригарный коврик, многоразовый, 33x40 см.
Антипригарный коврик используется для выпечки кондитерских и хлебобулочных изделий, приготовления пиццы, запекания мяса и рыбы без
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364 руб
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Лоток (сортер), 4 отделения, вертикальный, сборный.
- предназначен для сортировки и временного хранения документов различных размеров, писем, счетов и другой документации - устойчивый на
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Английский язык для повседневного и делового общения. Английский язык. Эффективный курс совершенствования английского языка

Essential Grammar in Use with Answers: A Self-study Reference and Practice Book for Elementary Students of English (Английская грамматика для начинающих с вариантами ответов)
          62 руб
A self-study reference and practice book for elementary students of English: With answers Изд. 2-е Essential Grammar in Use:
          578 руб
Essential Grammar in Use: A reference and practice book for elementary students of English Ed. 2 ISBN 0-521-55927-8
          518 руб
Personality and Success in a Russian University. Exploring the relationship between MBTI type and academic success for students of English as a Foreign Language enrolled at a Russian university
Over 40 years of research using the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator have shown that personality type is one of a number of factors that affect your choice of career, your learning style, and your success in certain subjects.
          1979 руб
Students’ Perceptions of Foreign and Taiwanese EFL Teachers English Instruction in Taiwan.
The study also looks at the contrasting teaching styles and beliefs of various Taiwanese and foreign English teachers in relation to the experiences of the university students.
          1995 руб
Footsteps: Short Stories for intermediate and Advanced Students of English ( Шаг за шагом: Короткие рассказы): Учебное пособие для среднего и продвинутого уровня английского языка
          62 руб
TESTS for upper-intermediate and advanced students of English: Тесты повышенной сложности по английскому языку На пути к совершенству:
Данное пособие, построенное по образцу западных методик и основано на использовании оригинального материала англо-американской литературы и прессы.
          96 руб
Oxford Collocations: Dictionary for students of English ISBN 978-0-19-431243-1
          893 руб
Streamline English: Departures: An intensive English course for beginners Ed., student s ISBN 0-19-432221-1 978-0-19-432221-8
          447 руб
A Reader for Advanced Students of English. Science and Technology
К большинству текстов прилагается глоссарий, где объясняются наиболее трудные для понимания моменты.
          701 руб
Oxford Collocations Dictionary for Students of English
          1405 руб
Oxford Collocations Dictionary For Students of English (+ CD-ROM)
This dictionary shows you the common word combinations (collocations) that are essential for natural-sounding British and American English.
          2725 руб
Working Memory: Better in English or in Hungarian?. A Comparative Study of Hungarian and English Verbal Working Memory of Hungarian Students
Memory is not only needed for memorising what to do, or for remembering data, but it is needed in everyday life as well; to remember who we are, where we live etc.
          1995 руб
Arab Students Attitudes Towards Western Culture. Arab students learn English to compete in the global market, but do they need the Western culture that comes with English teaching?
          2006 руб
Writing Portfolio Assessment and Inter-rater Reliability. Writing Portfolio Assessment and Inter-rater Reliability at Yildiz Technical University, School of Foreign Languages, Basic English Department
Reliability in portfolio assessment by instructors is a critical issue and seeks a standardization of criteria.
          2006 руб
Educational Border Crossers. Essential Skills and Attitudes for Teaching Immigrant Students
Qualitative inquiry methods were used to guide the questions in this study: 1) What are the essential skills and attitudes of teachers who are highly effective in working with immigrant students? , 2) How do these teachers view immigrant students? , 3) In what ways do teachers incorporate immigrant students’ funds of knowledge into their classrooms? , and 4) How have these teachers’ own schooling experiences impacted their ideology in the classroom? This research uncovered nine essential skills and attitudes as well as five key instructional areas. The study includes recommendations for teacher selection, teacher education programs, professional development, and culturally responsive curriculum to increase teacher effectiveness in working with immigrant students. Teachers who affirm immigrant students’ cultures, linguistic assets and lived experiences and who are open to learning about different ways of knowing can be the most successful with immigrant students. Only when children who are linguistically and culturally different are truly valued, will educational reform measures work.
          2414 руб
What Influences Students’ Performance on the Secondary School Literacy Test. Focusing on English as Second Language Students and English Literacy Development Students
          2414 руб
Foreign Accents. The Perception of the Foreign Accent in English-Speaking Cultures
By taking a closer look at the German, the Spanish and the Chinese accent in spoken English, this book provides a comprehensive and entertaining insight into the way accents are perceived in modern society.
          2006 руб
A Handbook of Poetics for Students of English Verse
          1142 руб
A Siamese-English dictionary, for the use of students in both languages
          1145 руб

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