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Книги          Автор Mara V.          Издательство Lonely Planet

Eastern Europe
1028 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Mara V.
издательство: Lonely Planet
цена:1044 руб
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Top coverage of art, architecture, nightlife and outdoor activities. Comprehensive onward journey tips for easy travel. This fully updated edition is packed with accurate, practical and honest advice, designed to give you the information you need to make the most of your trip. In This Guide: Detailed itineraries provide inspiration for trips in the region. Our 10th edition helps uncover this diverse region - whether you' re meandering through olive groves to Albania' s deserted beaches, coming face to face with wolves and bison in Poland' s ancient forests, or marvelling at the art collection in St Petersburg' s Hermitage. Lonely Planet guides are written by experts who get to the heart of every destination they visit. For 20 years Lonely Planet has been the Eastern Europe expert.

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Современное постиндустриальное общество - природа, противоречия, перспективы

Дополнительная литература Львов Д.С. Развитие экономики России и задачи экономической науки. М., 1999; Монтес М. Ф., Попов В.В. "Азиатский вирус" или "голландская болезнь"? Теория и история валютных кризисов в России и других странах. М., 1999; Ослунд А. Россия: рождение рыночной экономики. М., 1996; УлюкаевА.В. В ожидании кризиса. Ход и противоречия экономических реформ в России. М., 1999; Уткин А.И. Вызов Запада и ответ России. М., 1997; Ушканов И., Молоха И. Утечка умов: масштабы, причины, последствия. М., 1999; Blasi J.R., Kroumova М., Kruse D. Kremlin Capitalism. Ithaca (N.Y.)-L., 1997; Brady R. Kapitalizm. Russia's Struggle to Free Its Economy. New Haven (Ct.)-L., 1999; Goldman M. Lost Opportunity. What Has Made Economic Reform in Russia So Difficult. N.Y.-L., 1996; Wedel J. Collision and Collusion. The Strange Case of Western Aid to Eastern Europe 1989-1998. N.Y., 1998; Woodruff D. Money Unmade. Barter and the Fate of Russian Capitalism. Ithaca (N.Y.)-L., 1999. Заключение Вот мы и оставили позади все тринадцать тем нашего лекционного курса, который, по-видимому, может вызвать неоднозначные, если не сказать противоречивые, - впечатления ...

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Eastern Europe 8Ed
          1321 руб
Economic Transition in Central and Eastern Europe
          4366 руб
Eastern Europe
It also has an alphabetised directory chapter that makes practical information easy to find.
          1405 руб
Contemporary Art in Eastern Europe
The book features essays from respected writers in the field and profiles the most influential artists producing work in and from the region today, including Marina Abramovic, Christo, Krzysztof Wodiczko, Zofia Kulik, Komar and Melamid, IRWIN, Natalia Lach-Lachowicz, Alexander Brodsky, Ewa Partum, NSK, Group OHO, Stano Filko, Laibach, KwieKulik, Post Ars, Weekend Art, Zbigniew Libera, Marjetica Potrc, and Mladen Stilinovic.
          1851 руб
The Serbian-Bulgarian Treaties of 1904 and the Balkan Policy of Russia. Toward the Breakdown of Equilibrium in Eastern Europe before the Bosnian Crisis
Seen in this light the Serbian-Bulgarian Treaties of 1904 resembled in many ways the Treaty of 1912 between the above-mentioned Balkan countries, which became the backbone of the creation of the Balkan League with its well known larger consequences.
          1979 руб
Marketing Strategies of International Retail Banks. Between Standardization and Adaptation in Central and Eastern Europe
As market entry and expansion strategies have been different, so is their current competitive position.
          1995 руб
Screening Eastern Europe. The Representation of Urban Landscapes in Post-Communist Central and Eastern European Cinema
However, a number of young directors emerged in the next two decades, who would produce films that still offered something distinctly Eastern European.
          1995 руб
The Democratisation of Eastern Europe 1989-2004. From Communism to EU Membership
In this process, nationalism has not been impediment to democratic development, while xenophobia seems to affect it negatively.
          3213 руб
The Critical Success Factors of Private Equity Firms. A Comparative Study between Central and Eastern Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States
This book documents eight substantial country-specific differences of Private Equity Firms in managing portfolio companies in emerging regions, for instance Private Equity Market' s Attractiveness, Portfolio Companies'
          5204 руб
Law and Development in Eastern Europe. Economic Analysis of Law, Financial Intermediaries, and Economic Development
However, once a country develops, it should switch from a bank-based to a capital-market-based system.
          3213 руб
Democracy From the Outside-In?. Democracy Promotion in Eastern Europe
This is done by analyzing the role of the EU as democracy promoter in Slovakia, Belarus and FRY from 1995 to 2003.
          3232 руб
Institutional Transformation of the Countries in Central and Eastern Europe From Transition to the European Integration.
It is a potential that, according to my thesis, has not been fully realized in the past decade.
          2782 руб
Italian firms in Eastern Europe. Relations between the processes of outsourcing of Italian textile and clothing firms and the emergence of industrial districts in Eastern Europe
It builds upon examples from four case study areas in Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union.
          3232 руб
The combination of the economic and the political aspects provides a comprehensive framework for understanding the background of the radical liberal reform.
          2006 руб
The Impact of Conflict and International Intervention on Women' s Security and Migration The Body Commodity: Trafficking Women in Post Conflict Eastern Europe.
The focus of this study is the trafficking of women for the sex trade.
          2006 руб
PRIVATE EQUITY IN CEE. The Development of Venture Capital and Private Equity Industry in Central and Eastern Europe
          2006 руб
The Case of World Bank Assistance to Eastern Europe Aid Effectiveness.
Yet there are increasing doubts about the effectiveness of the aid effort.
          2782 руб
An International Procurement Strategy for the Emerging Markets of Eastern Europe and Asia Global Sourcing.
Only with strategic approaches to sourcing companies are able to face the rising cost pressure.
          2414 руб
Social Dialogue and the International Financial Institutions. The case of Eastern Europe
For decades, the International Financial Institutions (IMF, World Bank) have been viewed as the epitome of neo-liberal policies, resulting in a problematic relationship with standards of social law and social rights, as developed by the ILO.
          2414 руб
Eastern Europe
The term is highly context-dependent and there are "almost as many definitions of Eastern Europe as there are scholars of the region".
          1393 руб

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