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Основы социологии          Автор Pei F.N.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Developing an appropriate volunteer management model. An exploration of the hospice sector in Singapore
100 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Pei F.N.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1995 руб
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As a step towards developing an appropriate model for the voluntary sector, the second part of the book embarks on an exploratory study of volunteer management practices in the hospice sector in Singapore. Volunteers are an essential pillar for the social services. This book outlines the development of volunteerism in Singapore and reviews the current state of volunteering research, at the same time exploring the theoretical basis of commonly used volunteer management models and their misfit with the values of the social services sector, having been imported from the corporate sector. However, there is a lack of active research into effective volunteer management practices, especially for the social services sector. The study comprises of in-depth interviews with hospice volunteer managers investigating the nature of volunteer management currently practiced and the factors leading to their choice. The findings are analyzed with reference to the volunteer involvement model suggested by Rochester (1999). The findings suggest the most effective models are not necessarily only those which adhere closely to the workplace model.

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Agile Software Development

There is another side to this embellishment business. Typically, the process owner has a distorted view of how developers really work. In my interviews, I rarely ever find a team of people who works the way the process owner says they work. This is so pervasive that I have had to mark as unreliable any interview in which I only got to speak with the manager or process designer. The following is a sample, and typical, conversation from one of my interviews. At the time, I was looking for successful implementations of Object Modeling Technique (OMT). The person who was both process and team lead told me that he had a successful OMT project for me to review. I flew to California to interview this team, and the process and team lead told me that the team had a successful project for me to review. Uncovering Process Shortcuts Me: "These are samples of the work products?... This is a state diagram?" Leader: "Well, it's not really one. It's more of a flow diagram. I have to teach them how to make state diagrams properly." Me: "But these are actual samples of the work products produced ...

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Основы социологии

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The researcher measured the contribution of MANAGER to the APD’s performance through a quasi-experimental time-series designs.
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