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Das Hollywoodkino zwischen Traum und Alptraum Los Angeles im Film.
132 стр. м€гка€ обложка

издательство:  нига по “ребованию
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Auf der einen Seite wird an dieser Stadt mit Bildern der stets sonnigen Pazifikkueste der wahr gewordene amerikanische Traum reflektiert. Das Buch richtet sich an Medien- und Kulturwissenschaftler und an alle Filmbegeisterten. Die Autorin Birgit Lueke zeigt anhand einer Filmanalyse von sechs exemplarisch ausgewaehlten Filmen, dass es die speziellen mythischen Konstruktionen dieser Stadt sind, die das fiktionale Bild von Los Angeles konstituieren, und die ihr so bestimmte Rollen im Film zuschreiben. Auf der anderen Seite wird Los Angeles immer haeufiger zum Schauplatz von fiktiven Katastrophen und postapokalyptischen Endzeitphantasien. Die Metropole Los Angeles gehoert ohne Zweifel zu den meist mediatisierten Orten der Welt. Im Fokus steht dabei das in der amerikanischen Kulturgeschichte tief verwurzelte (anti-)mythische Subkonzept der Final Frontier, Los Angeles als eine Art geistesgeschichtlicher Endpunkt. Doch warum erscheint das medial vermittelte Image der Stadt so widerspruechlich?

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What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

And you donЅАЩt ask, ЅАШPlease stop.ЅАЩ You demand that it stop.ЅАЂ With that, Cesar gathered himself, stood stock still, and let out a short whistle: not a casual whistle but a whistle of authority. Suddenly, there was absolute quiet. All forty-seven dogs stopped charging and jumping and stood as still as Cesar, their heads erect, eyes trained on their ringleader. Cesar nodded, almost imperceptibly, toward the enclosure, and all forty-seven dogs turned and filed happily back through the gate. 3. In the fall of 2005, Cesar filmed an episode of Dog Whisperer at the Los Angeles home of a couple named Patrice and Scott. They had a Korean jindo named JonBee, a stray that they had found and adopted. Outside, and on walks, JonBee was well behaved and affectionate. Inside the house, he was a terror, turning viciously on Scott whenever he tried to get the dog to submit. ЅАЬHelp us tame the wild beast,ЅАЂ Scott says to Cesar. ЅАЬWeЅАЩve had two trainers come out, one of whom was doing this domination thing, where he would put JonBee on his back and would hold him until he submits ...

Ётажерка дл€ обуви разборна€, 4 полки, 660x280x700 мм.
ћодель предназначена дл€ хранени€ обуви в прихожей. ќна придетс€ особенно кстати, если у вас малогабаритна€ квартира: она займет минимум
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—трейч-пленка дл€ ручной упаковки, вес 1 кг, 17 мкм, 45 см x 140 метров.
ѕрозрачна€ стрейч-пленка дл€ ручной упаковки примен€етс€ в быту, на производстве, в офисе, магазине. »зготовлена из прочного полиэтилена,
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Ѕутылочка дл€ кормлени€ "Avent Classic+", 260 мл (голуба€, рисунок: краб), от 1 мес€ца.
ќграниченна€ сери€ -бутылочка дл€ кормлени€ голуба€ c рисунком (краб), Classic+. «арекомендовавша€ себ€ сери€ Classic была улучшена:
403 руб
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јвторы, издатели, книгопродавцы. Ѕиблиотечна€ обработка документо. »здательское дело

Indian Film Festival of Los Angeles
It features features, documentaries and shorts and presents Grand Jury and Audience Choice awards in the following categories:
          1597 руб
Los Angeles Houses (ƒома Ћос-јнжелеса): јльбом (на англ.€з.)
          1798 руб
Los Angeles & Sourn California 1Ed
          768 руб
The Rough Guide Map Los Angeles
          308 руб
Architecture & Design Los Angeles.
Eclecticism is LA' s defining characteristic. It' s a thriving hybrid of a city-decentralized with no clearly defined hub-and its architecture reflects its character. 200 color photographs and plans.
          734 руб
Los Angeles Encounter
          387 руб
Los Angeles 2009. Restaurants & Hotels
          1218 руб
Portrait of a City / Portrat einer Stadt / Portrait d' une ville Los Angeles:
          4496 руб
An Ethnographic Study of Families in Los Angeles Latino Immigrant ParentsТSocialization of Children to Education.
This research illustrates the role of parental socialization in the education of Latino children.
          2767 руб
The Case of the African American Community in Los Angeles Faith-Based Versus Secular Approaches to Community Development.
The findings depict vibrant organizations that work with neighborhood residents to overcome tremendous odds.
          3213 руб
Mapping the Geographical and Literary Boundaries of Los Angeles. A Real and Imagined City
This idea is followed by discussions on the physical expansion of Los Angeles after the Second World War and how the disconnected, sprawling nature of the city reflects on the literature.
          2006 руб
Alternative Art Incubators. Cultivating Collaboration and Innovation in Los Angeles Public Art Practices
From these analyses, a new approach with the capacity to foster and support inventive and vibrantly active public art practices is proposed.
          2006 руб
1992 Los Angeles Riots
In all, 53 people died during the riots and thousands more were injured.
          1189 руб
Los Angeles Times
The Los Angeles Times is a daily newspaper published in Los Angeles, California, since 1881.
          1597 руб
2005 Los Angeles bomb plot
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1393 руб
Los Angeles Daily News
Its stories tend to focus on issues involving valley businesses, education and crime.
          1841 руб
History of the Los Angeles Police Department
The first paid force was created in 1869, when six officers were hired to serve under City Marshal William C. Warren. Warren was shot by one of his men in 1876 and, to replace him, the newly created Board of Police Commissioners selected Jacob F. Gerkens. The latter was replaced within a year by saloon owner Emil Harris, the second of fifteen police chiefs from 1876 to 1889.
          1393 руб
East Los Angeles, California
The CDP area includes the separate community of City Terrace.
          1393 руб
Chinatown, Los Angeles, California
It was originally located less than a mile from its current location where Union Station is located.
          1597 руб
Los Angeles County, California
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1597 руб

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