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Crowdsourcing our Cultural Heritage
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издательство: Taylor and Francis
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However, successful crowdsourcing projects reflect a commitment to developing effective interface and technical designs. This book brings together for the first time the collected wisdom of international leaders in the theory and practice of crowdsourcing in cultural heritage. It features eight accessible case studies of groundbreaking projects from leading cultural heritage and academic institutions, and four thought-provoking essays that reflect on the wider implications of this engagement for participants and on the institutions themselves. The authors provide theoretically informed, actionable insights on crowdsourcing in cultural heritage, outlining the context in which their projects were created, the challenges and opportunities that informed decisions during implementation, and reflecting on the results. Crowdsourcing in cultural heritage is more than a framework for creating content: as a form of mutually beneficial engagement with the collections and research of museums, libraries, archives and academia, it benefits both audiences and institutions. This book will be essential reading for information and cultural management professionals, students and researchers in universities, corporate, public or academic libraries, museums and archives. This book will help practitioners who wish to create their own crowdsourcing projects understand how other institutions devised the right combination of source material and the tasks for their ’crowd’. Crowdsourcing, or asking the general public to help contribute to shared goals, is increasingly popular in memory institutions as a tool for digitising or computing vast amounts of data.

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Friends and Lovers

My dad isn't so bad about it, but my mom is almost crazy about me and my brothers and sisters respecting our Chinese heritage – even though SHE violated Chinese customs by marrying a 'gwai'." Seeing the looks of confusion on our faces, Jade explained "Gwai means foreigner -" except they way it's used, it doesn't just mean foreigner. It's tough to explain, but there's a whole lot of other stuff that's included when a Chinese refers to a non-Chinese as 'gwai' – and none of it is good. If you can imagine someone saying 'tourist' like it leaves a bad taste in their mouth, it's like that -" only maybe a thousand times worse, okay?" All of us nodded our understanding, and Jade went on "Okay, knowing how Chinese feel about gwai, you can probably figure out what it was like for Mom after she married Daddy. But despite all that, she still wants all of us kids to honor and respect Chinese ways. That's how bad most Chinese are about being Chinese, okay? That why it makes me crazy sometimes, having an American dad and Chinese mom: Daddy is good about how things change, while Mom is stuck in hundreds and thousands of years of tradition." Taking a breath to settle herself again, Jade went on "One of the really big things about being Chinese, and the culture, is that there's this incredible pressure for a girl to be a virgin on her wedding night ...

Универсальный стиральный порошок "Meine Liebe", концентрат, 1000 г.
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Кружка "Лучшая Мама в мире", с рисунком.
Качественные керамические кружки с оригинальным рисунком, выполненным в процессе производства (подглазурное нанесение). Упаковка: белый
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Virtual Reality for Cultural Heritage Applications
A Virtual Tour Guide also guides the visitors around the heritage site.
          2006 руб
This book attempts to frame the current debate at the intersection of IPRs and indigenous knowledge, bringing in the case studies on the appropriation of traditional Yoga of Hindu and the Zia sun of Zia?
          2782 руб
Heritage Networks. Managing Network Cultural Heritage on the Web
We call this new type of heritage ‘network cultural heritage’, as it is composed of elements that are widespread and yet strongly connected.
          2414 руб
An Empirical Study on the Satisfaction Level of International Tourists on Cultural/Heritage Destinations in Chandiagarh and Its Environs Tourism Marketing in Chandiagarh.
This trend is evident in the rise in the volume of tourists who seek adventure, culture, history, archaeology and interaction with local people.
          2006 руб
Cultural Property und Cultural Heritage. Eine vergleichend ethnologische Analyse internationaler UNESCO-Konzeptionen
Durch die Einfuehrung eines Erbe-Konzepts konnte die Beschraenktheit des Eigentumsbegriffes umgangen werden und weitere Kategorien, wie jene des Immateriellen/ Geistigen erfasst und zugleich Zugangsberechtigungen erweitert werden.
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Ministry of Cultural Heritage
It is based at 27 via del Collegio Romano, Rome, and the current minister is Sandro Bondi.
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Intangible cultural heritage
The concept of intangible cultural heritage (ICH) emerged in the 1990s, as a counterpart to the World Heritage that focuses mainly on tangible aspects of culture.
          1393 руб
Cultural heritage management
It is a branch of cultural resources management (CRM), although it also draws on the practices of conservation, restoration, museology, archaeology, history and architecture.
          1597 руб
Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage project
The Intellectual Property Issues in Cultural Heritage (IPinCH) project is an international research initiative to explore and facilitate fair and equitable exchanges of knowledge relating to archaeology.
          1393 руб
Our Hellenic heritage
          1145 руб
Cultural Heritage of Serbia
The list of Cultural Heritage is a cultural property list (Cultural Property of Great Importance) in the Republic of Serbia warranting the highest level of the State protection.
          1333 руб
Safeguarding cultural property from natural and manmade risks. Suggestions for personnel involved in the protection of living religious cultural heritage
Thus, starting from the risk management process, a specific strategy is defined, treating the major risks that places of worship may be threatened by (floods, fire, earthquakes,armed conflict and looting).
          3056 руб
IEE Indoor Environment Engineering. in Cultural Heritage
The book, originally conceived as a REHVA Guidebook, will attempt to find a solution to overcome this difference, particularly by considering energy efficiency as the proper tool to be used in the conservation of cultural heritage.
          1892 руб
A History of Cultural Heritage management in Ethiopia (1944-1974). Aspects of Cultural Heritage management in Ethiopia
Thus, the book is indispensable for cultural heritage experts,academicians,practitioners and researchers interested in the field of study.
          2278 руб
Gastronomic Communication and the Intangible Cultural Heritage at the Juncture of Cosmopolitanism, Nationalism and Indigeneity A Nation's Update: the Mexican Food Narratives and Cultural Diversity.
This book explores the challenges that the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention poses in terms of a renegotiation with the national pasts that is often necessary to formulate an intangible cultural heritage, particularly when there are indigenous peoples involved.
          3049 руб
Ancient Sukhothai. Thailand's Cultural Heritage
As well as providing an in-depth survey of over 80 temples in the three sites and highlighting the masterpieces from related museums, author Dawn Rooney discusses the art and architecture of the period, with a special section on ceramics.
          1084 руб
Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage
Using rich background information, international case studies and examples of best practice, this book outlines how and why open licenses should and can be used with the sector' s content, data and metadata. Open Licensing for Cultural Heritage digs into the concept of open in relation to intellectual property, providing context through the development of different fields, including open education, open source, open data, and open government. It explores the organizational benefits of open licensing and the open movement, including the importance of content discoverability, arguments for wider collections impact and access, the practical benefits of simplicity and scalability, and more ethical and principled arguments related to protection of public content and the public domain. This practical and explanatory guide for library and cultural heritage professionals introduces and explains the use of open licenses for content, data and metadata in libraries and other cultural heritage organizations.
          8349 руб
50 Years of Rolling Stone. The Music, Politics and People that Changed Our Culture
          4523 руб
The American Heritage College Thesaurus
Each synonym list springs from a concise definition, while words with related meanings show cross-references to one another.
          333 руб
Heritage, Culture and Conservation. Managing the Urban Renaissance
In the context of these different agendas and fluctuating power bases this book identified a four stage process of using the historic environment to secure urban regeneration: firstly, recognising the meaning of space; secondly, managing urban change; thirdly, seducing urban users, and fourthly, manipulating the historic environment.
          3189 руб

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