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Механика. Динамика          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Criticality accident
104 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1597 руб
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Although dangerous, the low densities of fissile material and the long insertion time involved in these events limit the fission yield and peak power, preventing them from becoming a large scale nuclear explosion. This releases a surge of neutron radiation which is highly dangerous to humans and causes induced radioactivity in the surroundings. A critical or supercritical nuclear fission (one that is sustained in power or increasing in power) normally is supposed to occur only inside reactor cores and (very occasionally) inside some test facilities. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! A criticality accident, sometimes referred to as an excursion or a power excursion, is an accidental increasing nuclear chain reaction in a fissile material, such as enriched uranium or plutonium.

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Danse Macabre

Anita, who is recovering from a mental breakdown as a result of the loss (which dovetails a little too neatly with the loss of her father and brother years before in a similar accident), begins to see movies of her son's horrible death on the television in the house. A neighbor who is helping out also catches part of this lethal film. Other stuff happens . . . there is a climax . . . and exit Sheehans. Then, last but hardly least in terms of the grand guignol, comes the Greenes. If all this sounds familiar, it comes as no surprise to either of us. The House Next Door is a frame story, the sort of thing one likes to speculate, that Chaucer might have done if he had written for Weird Tales. It is a form of horror tale that the movies have tried more often than novelists or short-story writers. In fact, the movemakers seem to have tried a good many times to put a dictum that critics of the genre have handed down for years into actual practice: that the horror tale works best when it is brief and comes directly to the point (most people associate that dictum with Poe, but Coleridge stated it before him, and in fact Poe was offering a guideline for the writer of all short stories, not just those dealing with the supernatural and the occult) ...

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Механика. Динамика

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Through Siberia by Accident
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Adjusting Autonomy in Multi-Agent Bioinformatics Integration Systems. A criticality-based framework
During task composition, such as can be found in distributed query processing, workflow systems and AI planning, decisions have to be made by the system and possibly by users with respect to how a given problem should be solved.
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Spatio-Temporal Accident Impact Estimation Model and its Applications. Using Binary Integer Programming and Survival Analysis
This book introduces an analytic procedure that estimates the amount of traffic congestion (vehicle hours of delay) that is caused by different types of accidents that occur on urban freeways, as well as a model for prediction of real-time accident information such as how long an accident will affect traffic congestion and to the extent of the traffic congestion.
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Freeway Accident Analysis using second order statistics. Freeway Accident Analysis using second order statistics
The second order statistics measures, namely angular second moment (ASM), contrast and entropy were used as the traffic performance measures in order to compare the two situations.
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Le terme « incident » designe un accident ayant des consequences benignes (la notion de gravite etant complexe et liee a l’acception sociale des consequences).
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Accident Nucleaire
Un accident nucleaire, ou accident radiologique, est un evenement qui risque d’entrainer une emission de matieres radioactives ou un niveau de radioactivite susceptible de porter atteinte a la sante publique.
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Accident de la Route
Un accident de la route (ou accident sur la voie publique : AVP) est un choc qui a lieu sur le reseau routier entre un engin roulant (automobile, moto, velo, etc. ) et toute autre chose ou personne et qui engendre des blessures humaines et/ou des degats materiels, que ces degats soient occasionnes aux vehicules, a un element de la route (chaussee, panneaux, barrieres de protection, etc. ) ou un element exterieur a celle-ci (batiment, mobilier urbain, cabine de telephone, arbre).
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Accident Ferroviaire
Un accident ferroviaire est un accident qui affecte un train en circulation et qui peut etre du a des causes internes ou externes au systeme ferroviaire.
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Accident du Travail
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Accident (fallacy)
The logical fallacy of accident, also called destroying the exception or a dicto simpliciter ad dictum secundum quid, is a deductive fallacy occurring in statistical syllogisms (an argument based on a generalization) when an exception to the generalization is ignored.
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Converse Accident
See faulty generalization.
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Accident (1967 film)
Accident is Harold Pinter' s 1967 dramatic film adaptation of the 1965 novel by Nicholas Mosley. Directed by Joseph Losey, it is the second of three collaborations between Pinter and Losey, the others being The Servant and The Go-Between. At the 1967 Cannes Film Festival it won the award for Grand Prix Special du Jury. It is the debut film of actor Michael York. The story centers on a married Oxford professor, Stephen, who is experiencing a mid-life crisis. The world changes for him when he meets Anna, a beautiful young woman who is engaged to one of his students, William. Following a car accident outside Stephen' s home in which William is killed and Anna is severely disoriented, she is obliged to remain with Stephen although his wife is out of town.
          1189 руб
Goiania accident
It was subsequently handled by many people, resulting in four deaths and serious radioactive contamination of 249 other people.
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Accident de la Navette Spatiale Challenger
En quelques secondes, le feu endommagea le reservoir principal rempli d' hydrogene ; la structure ceda sous la chaleur ; le dome inferieur du reservoir se separa et les forces aerodynamiques devierent la trajectoire de la navette entrainant sa destruction. La defaillance d' un joint du propulseur d' appoint a poudre droit — adjacent au reservoir externe de la navette — en raison du froid, provoqua un depart de flammes. Le poste d' equipage et de nombreux fragments de la navette furent retrouves au fond de l' ocean, lors des operations de recherche menees au cours des mois suivants. L' accident de la navette spatiale americaine Challenger est l' accident astronautique du 28 janvier 1986 qui se traduisit par la desintegration de la navette spatiale de la NASA Challenger 73 secondes apres son decollage, provoquant la mort des sept astronautes de l' equipage.
          1597 руб
2003 Alcantara VLS accident
After the explosion, the Brazilian Space Agency was criticized for using solid-fuel rockets, which are easier to build and ignite than liquid-fuel rockets, but also dangerous because they lack throttle controls and emergency shut-offs.
          1597 руб
Kerang rail accident
There have been many accidents with vehicles striking the sides of trains, however this incident was particularly devastating given the size and speed of the truck.
          1841 руб

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