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Архитектура. Градостроительство.          Издательство Daab

Contemporary Urban Design
383 стр. твердый переплет + суперобложка

издательство: Daab
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The presented projects in this book cover everything from new large neighbourhoods to the installation of street fixtures or the illumination of a small square. Public spaces become gathering points and recreational areas where neighbours can meet and contribute to socio-urban interaction. The architectural discipline of urban design falls into the broad category of landscape architecture and is applied as a social and esthetic means for interpreting the shape of cities and towns and their public spaces. The structure of a city is not the sum of its architectural shapes but the integration of these shapes into a specific and dynamic understanding of space.

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Dogs and Demons

The science of avoiding and ameliorating this sort of visual pollution is a modern technology. Visual pollution in Japan has resulted from the same vicious cycle we have seen in other aspects of its life: in the case of the environment, construction breeds dependence on more construction; in banking, deception leads to greater deception; in urban design, ugliness gradually comes to be taken for granted, which leads to ignorance and thus to more ugliness. An architect friend of mine, Lucilo Pena, helped to design the Four Seasons Hotel in Barcelona, in which the Japanese department store Sogo was one of the investors. Lucilo tells of acrimonious discussions between the hotel operators and the Japanese owners concerning signs, for Sogo wanted a huge flashing sign on the outside of the hotel, and it seemed impossible to convince Sogo's management that in Barcelona this was considered a plan that would damage the ambience of the city and lower the prestige of both the department-store owners and the hotel. Sogo gave in when its representatives realized that in the West citizens might resort to boycotts of a company that flouts local concerns, but it came as a shock ...

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Архитектура. Градостроительство.

Sourcebook of Contemporary Urban Design
Every one also features numerous full-color photographs and detailed renderings of site and floor plans.
          4615 руб
European House Now: Contemporary Architectural Design (на англ.яз.) - 240 с. ISBN 0-500-28175-0 ~92.10.14 111
          1948 руб
Contemporary Color Design
An index with contact information is enclosed.
          2378 руб
Urban Design
          3578 руб
New Shoes: Contemporary Footwear Design
          2283 руб
Detail in Contemporary Kitchen Design
Arranged into chapters according to the dominant material used in its construction a stone, timber and steel, each design is accompanied by an image of the whole house, placing it in context and providing a flavour of the general design style, clear photographs of the kitchen itself and a floor plan showing its relation to the other spaces within the house.
          6565 руб
Contemporary Graphic Design
Contemporary avant-garde graphic design.
          3 руб
Urban Design Group / Inc. Selected and Current Works
          3 руб
Contemporary Exhibit Design. No. 2
Showcased are installations in museums, corporate offices, and "good will" examples by company' s taking advantage of some moment in time or local event. The total design must sell both the brand name and the brand image of the exhibiting firm. The book is organized by exhibit square footage commencing with 300 sq. ft and graduating up to 45,000 sq. ft. The exhibits arc represent a plethora of industries running the gamut of clothing, sporting goods, automobiles, computers and electronics, home and building supplies, entertainment, insurance, banking, and many others. Also included is a section on exhibits that appear in museums and corporate offices/headquarters where the main thrust is not to "sell" a product but to provide information, knowledge or background material that will eventually lead tobetter brand acceptance. These exhibits reflect the best work of top exhibit designers. Many are prize-winning exhibits selected from trade show venues from across the U. S. and around the world. Contemporary Exhibit Design No. 2 features over 80 unique and diverse exhibits brought to life in over 250 beautifully-reproduced color photos. Whenever possible, exteriors and interiors are presented to ensure the reader appreciates the design and space utilization. . . and can sec how these specialized designers have used signage, color, lights, animation and decorative props to make their exhibits "shopper-stoppers" in the world of Show and Sell. Trade show exhibits must do more than simply provide an environment for product presentation. Consequently, commercial and trade show exhibits are more than mere merchandise showcases.
          2012 руб
Gregotti Associates. The Architecture of Urban Design
          3 руб
The Sourcebook of Contemporary Landscape Design
          1857 руб
Sourcebook of Contemporary Graphic Design
Also included is a visual index for quick reference and designers' contact information. For ease of reference, graphic design illustrations and explanations are categorized according to design type: websites, brochures, posters, company reports, stationary, and promotional materials. "The Sourcebook of Contemporary Graphic Design" is a cutting-edge design anthology featuring material from established and emerging designers around the world, as well as hundreds of full-color examples of work forging new graphic ground across a complete range of visual media.
          1857 руб
Contemporary Graphic Design
          3 руб
Font (NIPB) Classic Typefaces for Contemporary Graphic Design
The characteristics of each font, such as vertically stressed oblique serifs or abrupt contrasts, will be highlighted, and the main font will be juxtaposed with other similar fonts for easy cross-referencing.
          985 руб
The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design
The Sourcebook of Contemporary Fashion Design is a cutting-edge design anthology featuring more than 300 established and emerging fashion designers around the world.
          1857 руб
Economic Value of Urban Design
First, the design, promotion, organization, and economic restructuring components of the Main Street Program ' s comprehensive four-point approach were surveyed in the active districts. Next, the economic changes that took place within these districts were analyzed. Finally, a variety of citywide economic indicators were compared for a five-year period among three categories of cities: those active in the Main Street Program, those formerly active but now inactive, and those who have not participated. This book reveals the types of changes that occurred in the components of the four-point approach in relation to the local economic activity within the Main Street districts and cities in Texas. It should be especially useful to scholars, professionals, and decision makers in Architecture, Design, and Planning fields, or anyone who have vested interests in urban design and economic value. This book explores and evaluates this complex relationship with reference to the 136 Texas Main Street Program districts in order to shed some light on the broader question as to whether urban design generates economic value. The relationship between urban design and economic activity is seldom studied through empirical and scholarly research with a large number of cities due, in part, to the implicit and intangible nature of design.
          2414 руб
The Role of Urban Design in Strategic Planning. The Case of Rio de Janeiro
The general argument of this book is that a new model of urban project has recently been implemented in the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
          3232 руб
With Reference to Palestine Sustainable Urban Design and Climate.
The main structure of this thesis is arranged in two parts.
          3232 руб
Reshaping Gentrification. An Urban Design Proposal for the Redevelopment of Columbia Heights
Gentrification has long been one of the most pressing economic, design, and public policy issues in the United States.
          2782 руб
Urban Design
Urban design concerns the arrangement, appearance and functionality of towns and cities, and in particular the shaping and uses of urban public space.
          1393 руб

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