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Consequences of Economic Integration for Eastern European Countries, Businesses and Citizens Going for Growth? Europe after the Enlargement in 2004.
408 стр. м€гка€ обложка

издательство:  нига по “ребованию
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ЂThe objectives of the 2004 enlargement of the EU were clearly outlined and the positive effects were extensively promoted by the politicians. The data is almost exhaustive and certainly any other resource, paper, report or book would be hard pressed to compete. ї (Dr. Damian Ward, Prof. of Economics) Working from business and economic frameworks, the book provides an in-depth discussion while explaining the economic and political forces in a manner that is accessible to all. ЂThe evidence base is comprehensive and represents a possible one-stop resource for those who need to understand the effects of EU enlargement. Could the enlargement fulfil the ambitious expectations related to it and what are the true implications? ї With a myriad of graphs and tables, the author provides a gargantuan trawl of resources and presents an authoritative collection of evidence on the enlargement. What has changed since May 1, 2004, and how has the life of the new Member States? citizens and businesses been affected? The process was promised to be accompanied by a stimulation of the EU economies and should be to the best of all 25 member states. But what does the real picture actually look like?

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When China Rules the World

China is in the midst of what Marx described вАФ writing of the British Industrial Revolution вАФ as primitive accumulation, or what we now know as economic take-off: the process in which the majority of the working population moves from the land to industry, from the countryside to the cities. Between 1952 and 2003, agricultureвАЩs share of GDP fell from 60 per cent to 16 per cent and its share of employment from 83 per cent to 51 per cent. [445] Although it took China only 10 years to double its per capita output (1977- 87) вАФ a measure of the speed of economic take-off вАФ compared with 58 years for the UK, 47 for the US and 11 for South Korea, after three decades of economic growth averaging 9.5 per cent, [446] around half the people still work on the land. It is estimated that even 20 years hence around 20 per cent of the population will still live in the countryside. [447] A crucial consequence of this relatively вАШlimitlessвАЩ supply of rural labour is that wages for unskilled work will remain depressed for several decades to come: in other words, for much longer than was the case with the earlier Asian tigers. [448] This does not mean that wages in the more developed regions like Guangdong will remain low: on the contrary, as we have seen, they have already risen considerably. [449] But in the poor, still largely rural, interior provinces they will continue to be much lower, which is the reason why low-end manufacturing is steadily relocating there ...

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Ќастольна€ игра "—обери урожай".
»гра на развитие познавательных способностей, зрительно-моторной координации движений. ѕознакомит с ролевой игрой и укрепит социальное
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Ёкономическа€ теори€

An analysis of changing preference and decision making constellations in the European Union After Enlargement: Preference Constellations, Voting Power, and Institutional Change.
The ultimate aim is then to present different decision making scenarios for individual policy areas so that future developments in the EU can be anticipated and modelled.
          2414 руб
On the Communications Between Europe and India Through Egypt
          599 руб
French Language Policy and the Multilingual Challenge. A study of developments from 1992 to 2004 with particular reference to the case of Gallo From Maastricht to an Enlarged Europe:
The conflicts between opposing forces in the French language policy debate led to covert contradictions between FranceТs external and internal language policy: where the first essentially proposed plurilingualism in defence of diversity and the latter diversity in defence of monolingualism.
          3232 руб
Common Foreign and Security Policy and European Security and Defence Policy with respect of the 2004 enlargement of the EU The future of the CFSP and ESDP after the enlargement.
The Common Foreign and Security Policy, and the relatively recently born European Security and Defence Policy are the tools for the EU to act, to prevent and to fight against these problems. . In the widened European Union, the decision making procedures are more difficult, reaching a common consensus is even harder.
          1876 руб
The Democratisation of Eastern Europe 1989-2004. From Communism to EU Membership
In this process, nationalism has not been impediment to democratic development, while xenophobia seems to affect it negatively.
          3213 руб
Application of Thirlwall`s Law: 1960-2004 Growth and Balance of Payments Constraint: The Case of Turkey.
The relationship between trade, growth and the balance-of-payments (BOP) has been a subject of considerable interest and empirical scrutiny in growth and development economics.
          1995 руб
Hungarian Jewry with Right-wing Attitudes After the Change of Regime Jewish and Rightist: Going Against the Current.
Some of them decided to go against the current.
          2006 руб
This thesis will first examine how the argumentative strategies employed by the proponents to enlarge to candidate countries at the 1997 Madrid Summit and the 2002 Prague Summit succeeded in persuading opponents of enlargement to uphold to their commitments.
          2006 руб
Security Paradigm Shift in Europe European Security Architecture After Russo-Georgian War.
In the aftermath of the AugustТ08 War, world once again witnessed the failure of international institutions, due to their inability to guarantee the basic principles of commonly agreed UN Charter.
          2006 руб
Turkish Economy After 2001 Economic Crisis Reconciliation of Economic Growth and Unemployment.
The parameters are calibrated for Turkey and the model is simulated.
          2006 руб
Bonding in Europe. Governments as Promoters of Economic Growth and Stability
Stimulus policies or poor relief?
          2259 руб
Prior and after Great Tsunami 2004 Geochemical stability of marine sediments. along the southwest coast of India:
The book ends with a chapter on a model to quantify the early diagenesis, which controls the deposition of metals in estuaries and continental shelves.
          3056 руб
The Ottoman Power in Europe, Its Nature, Its Growth, and Its Decline
          1145 руб
The future of German industrial exports, practical suggestions for safeguarding the growth of German export activity in the field of manufactures after ... plan to dominate the trade of the world
          1140 руб
The National Minorities. The Reforms The Political Parties. Romania after the 2007 European Union Enlargement.
Given the magnitude of change which both the EU and the new Member States will have to cope with, the present work captures those aspects considered to be of major importance in the study of post-accession process, namely the political and legal.
          1892 руб
Major factors affecting the growth of consulting companies in Kosovo. General, Kosovo and East Europe factors affecting consulting companies operating in Kosovo
There are many problems and challenges confronting small consulting companies in Kosovo today.
          1892 руб
After the Great Recession: The Struggle for Economic Recovery and Growth
Economists and policy makers need to explore how the process of demand formation failed after 2007, and where demand will come from going forward.
          10224 руб
¬иномани€ є 7, 2004
          95 руб
 ак мы думали в 2004 году.: –осси€ на перепутье (под ред. «натнова ј.)
«а строгостью цифр, процентов, статистики порой раскрываютс€ глубинные процессы общественной жизни.
          127 руб
Ќа стыке веков: 1992-2004 гг.: ѕестрые заметки о блудном ќтечестве
Ќа рубеже XX века –осси€ открыла новую, еще не законченную страницу своей истории.
          257 руб

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