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Книги          Автор Pinger R.B.          Издательство McGraw-Hill

Connections Graded Readers 2 B
48 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Pinger R.B.
издательство: McGraw-Hill
цена:360 руб

Leaving her friends and family behind, Rebecca must fight her feelings of loneliness and fear as she struggles to make a new life for herself in California. Will she succeed?

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The World is Flat

Help is not on the way. The American education system from kindergarten through twelfth grade just is not stimulating enough young people to want to go into science, math, and engineering. My wife teaches first-grade reading in a local public school, so she gets Education Week, which is read by educators all over America. One day she pointed out an article (July 28, 2004) headlined, “Immigrants' Children Inhabit the Top Ranks of Math, Science Meets.” It went on to say, “Research conducted by the National Foundation for American Policy shows that 60 percent of the nation's top science students and 65 percent of the top mathematics students are children of recent immigrants, according to an analysis of award winners in three scholastic competitions... the Intel Science Talent Search, the U.S. team for the International Mathematical Olympiad, and the U.S. Physics Team.” The study's author attributed the immigrant students' success “partly to their parents' insistence that they manage study time wisely,” Education Week said. “Many immigrant parents also encouraged their children to pursue mathematics and science interests, believing those skills would lead to strong career opportunities and insulate them from bias and lack of connections in the workplace.. ...

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