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Chinese tea culture
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автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Tea culture in China differs from that of Europe, Britain or Japan in such things as preparation methods, tasting methods and the occasions for which it is consumed. In addition to being a drink, Chinese tea is used in traditional Chinese medicine and in Chinese cuisine. Chinese tea culture refers to the methods of preparation of tea, the equipment used to make tea and the occasions in which tea is consumed in China. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Even now, in both casual and formal Chinese occasions, tea is consumed regularly.

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China Witness

At that time everybody was on their guard. XINRAN: So are the tea-drinking utensils the same as when you were small? CHEN: Basically they're still the same. But at that time the tables were long plank benches. Now they've started using little square tables. That has its advantages too. Small groups of people can drink tea and play cards together. XINRAN: Do you worry that now people are surrounded by the material trappings of modern life the tea houses will be replaced by modern materialistic things too? CHEN: Before the Cultural Revolution there were two tea houses; now there are sixteen. We can see from this change that tea culture has also changed. And there are more tea houses opening soon. Each one has two hundred teapots. Sixteen tea houses, that's over three thousand pots. It won't be easy to replace that many. XINRAN: Might modern teapots and teacups influence the culture of the tea houses? Aren't you worried that the Chinese tea culture you've been talking about will be changed, and people will start using pretty teapots with foreign words printed on them? CHEN: Definitely not ...

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Обзор технологий и отрасли. Системы телефонной коммутации. И мир загадочный за занавесом цифр

American Tea Culture
American Tea Culture refers to the methods of preparation and means of consumption of tea in the United States.
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
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When in China: A Guide to Chinese Business Culture
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Experiencing Culture in China. Russian Version (+ CD-ROM) Experiencing Chinese:
В конце урока в рубриках « Культурная справка» и « Еще о культуре» представлена информация о культуре, связанная с содержанием урока.
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Cultural Communication. Experiencing Chinese 100: Russian Version (+ CD-ROM)
Изучая базовый китайский язык, студент может познакомиться с китайской культурой и овладеть специальными терминами и распространенными способами выражения. Язык: китайский, русский. Данное учебное пособие - это книга "Культура" из серии "Постижение китайского языка. 100 фраз". В данной книге отобрано 100 употребительных и типичных связанных с культурой Китая фраз, которые распределены на 17 разделов.
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Chinese-English Visual Bilingual Dictionary
Whether it' s for business or pleasure, pick up 6,000 key Chinese words and phrases on a range of subjects: from shopping and eating out, to sport and beyond quickly and easily. Find every word you need to know fast using the clearly labelled colour illustrated scenes from everyday life. Plus, find helpful features on key Chinese nouns, verbs and phrases to improve your understanding. It is pocket-sized so you can take it wherever your travels take you. Look and learn to recall a wealth of everyday vocabulary in Chinese with this intuitive easy-to-use visual language dictionary.
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Learning Difficulty or Cultural Difference?. Action Research Study of a Child from a Chinese Cultural Background
Following the interviews, I observed the mother teaching vocabulary to her child, and then the mother observed me. We then compared notes.
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Cultural and educational adaptation of Chinese students in the UK. Theory, process and implications
It argues that students’ adaptation is a process of dealing with cultural surprises, comprising a mix of enjoyment and challenge, which involves a two-way reciprocal adaptation.
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The Catastrophe Remembered by the Non-Traumatic. Counternarratives on the Cultural Revolution in Chinese Literature of the 1990s
While sharing a common gesture of redeeming personal histories from a collective past, these narratives were used in various ways to serve the needs of the present.
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Chinese Culture in Globalization. A Multimodal Case Study on Visual Discourse
The book takes as its point of departure the claim that by regarding culture as discursive TEXT, it is both effective and constructive in understanding cultural representations.
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Recasting A Covenant Ethics for the Family in Taiwan. A Dialogue between Christianity and Chinese Culture
This book offers a critical reappraisal of covenant ethics in both the Judeo-Christian and Chinese traditions and its ability to provide moral resources for evaluating the current family ethos in Taiwan.
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Intercultural training for German and Chinese exchange students. Cultural experiences of German and Chinese exchange students and implications for a target group-oriented intercultural training program
Cross-cultural living is full of challenges.
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Internet-based development of cultural knowledge and awareness. Attitudes, obstacles and potential in Chinese Higher Education
With increasing adoption of Internet technology in China, the Internet might be used to improve Chinese student' s ICC. However, little research has been conducted to determine Chinese learner' s attitudes towards integrating ICC into English learning via the Internet.
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Cultural Values in Chinese Advertising. Implications for Intercultural Marketing
This research paper gives an insight into Chinese cultural values and what role they play in advertising.
          2006 руб
A Socio-Cultural History The Chinese in Indonesia.
Over and above wide-ranging destruction of Chinese property and businesses, the most repugnant aspect of the riots was the raping and murder of women and girls accompanied by calls of "Allahu Akbar" (God is Great).
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Acculturation and Heritage Language Maintenance. Cultural and Educational Experiences of Chinese Americans
This is an important and timely subject in light of the demographic shifts in the U. S. that reveal the arrival of large percentages of Chinese immigrant families.
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Connect, Disconnect, and Reconnect. How Chinese Students Adapt to a New Culture via the Net
The researcher explored how different Internet use patterns, in terms of amount and type (host Internet use and ethnic Internet use), affect Chinese students’ sociocultural and psychological adaptation to the American culture.
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Identity, Tradition and Globalism. Post-Cultural Revolution Chinese Feature Films 1977- 1996
Some provocative arguments by the author are likely to trigger further debate on the preservation of tradition and globalization.
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Chinese Print Media in NZ present ideas of Chinese Cultural Identity. A research of Chinese print media in New Zealand
This thesis is a study of the free newspapers that form a significant part of the media consumed by Chinese people in New Zealand.
          2006 руб
The research findings of this qualitative study based on the in-depth interviews of 45 copyright holders and ordinary consumers in China via the theoretical lenses of the theory of reasoned action, strategic and tactical resistance, theory of hegemony as well as Hofstede’s cultural dimension of individualism and collectivism, on one hand, reveal the profound and complex Chinese reality for the rampant copyright piracy phenomenon and, on the other hand, provide constructive and valuable solutions to the recurring U. S. -China copyright disputes.
          3232 руб

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