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Прочие виды транспорта          Автор Raj B.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

CHARACTERIZATION-MODELING-OPTIMIZATION OF POLYMER COMPOSITE PIN FINS. A systematic approach to the Characterization, Design, and Optimization of Polymer Composite Fins used in Heat Sinks
272 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Raj B.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:3232 руб
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FEM simulation and water cooled experiments, focusing on the radial temperature variations in single pin fins, are used to validate the analytical model. Simplified solutions, for the orthotropic fin heat transfer rate that are easy to use and can be easily implemented in a heat sink design and optimization scheme, are presented. This book presents a systematic approach to the characterization, analysis, design, and optimization of orthotropic polymer composite fins used in heat sinks for electronic cooling applications. Theoretical models, CFD modeling, and experiments are used to characterize the thermal performance of heat sinks, fabricated of PPS composite pin fins, in air natural convection and forced convection modes. An axisymmetric orthotropic thermal conductivity pin fin equation is derived to study the orthotropic thermal conductivity effects on pin fin heat transfer rate and temperature distribution. Morphological characterization and thermal conductivity measurements of thermally conductive Poly-Phenylene Sulphide composites are used to determine the significant directional thermal conductivity in such composites.

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Пациент и психоаналитик: основы психоаналитического процесса

Forms and transformations of narcissism // P. Ornstein (Ed.), The Search for the Self.P N.Y.: International Universities Press. KOHUT, H. (1968). The psychoanalytic treatment of narcistic personality disorders. Outline of a systematic approach // The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 23: 86113. KOHUT, H. (1971). The Analysis of the Self.P N.Y.: International Universities Press. KOHUT, H. (1977). The Restoration of the Self.P N.Y.: International Universities Press. KOHUT, H. (1984). How Does Analysis Cure?P Chicago: University of Chicago Press. KRAEPELIN, E. (1906). Lectures on Clinical Psychiatry N.Y.: Hafner, 1969. KRAMER, M.K. (1959). On the continuation of the analytic process after psychoanalysis // International Journal of Psycho-Analysis, 40: 17 25. KRIS, E. (1951). Ego psychology and interpretation in psychoanalytic therapy // Psychoanalytic Quarterly, 20, 1529. KRIS, E. (1952). Explorations in Art.P N.Y.: International Universities Press. KRIS, E. (1956a). The recovery of childhood memories in psychoanalysis // The Psychoanalytic Study of the Child, 11: 5488. KRIS, E. (1956b) ...

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Прочие виды транспорта

Dynamic Collaborative Driving in Intelligent Transportation Systems. Modeling, Optimization, and Experiment
This book is written with an aim to provide solutions to some of the most bulging issues in ITS such as inter-vehicle communication, vehicle route selection, and platooning, through the development of a system based on dynamic collaborative driving.
          2414 руб
Intermediate to Long Term Optimization of Dead-end Ultrafiltration. Modeling, optimization, and control
However, membrane performance is influenced by fouling.
          2782 руб
Lithium-Ion batteries for Electric Vehicles:. Characterization, Modeling, State-of-Charge estimation and Disequalization phenomena
As for the automotive field, research is devoted to increase vehicle efficiency and reduce pollutant emissions.
          2624 руб
some composites: preparation, characterization and their applications. conducting polymer composites
The main aim of our proposed research wok is to synthesize organic-inorganic and organic-organic composite materials and apply these materials in analytical and electroanalytical applications.
          3049 руб
Cognitive Model Optimization with Parallel Genetic Algorithms. Investigating Individual Differences
To enable an individual differences investigation of how stress affects cognitive performance in a mental serial subtraction task a new optimization approach was developed for computing the fit of a serial subtraction cognitive model to human performance data by varying architectural parameters.
          1979 руб
Process Modeling of Chemical Mechanical Planarization. An Integrated Model from Abrasive Scale to Chip Scale; Basics, Characterizations, Modeling and Verification
The model has been built from an abrasive scale to a chip scale, focusing on practical application for DFM while also considering CMP process conditions as key input parameters.
          2414 руб
The Damage Tolerance of Warp Knit Fabric Polymer Composites. Influence of Stitch Architecture in Multiaxial WKF on Damage Tolerance and Environmental Durability of Carbon Fibre Reinforced Polymer Composites
Compression After Impact (CAI) properties were found to vary directly with damage area.
          3232 руб
Mucoadhesive Drug Delivery Systems using Optimized Polymer Blends. Developing Gastroretentive Controlled Release Tablet Formulations of Atenolol using Systematic "Design of Experiments (DoE)"
A central composite design was used to optimize drug release profile and bioadhesive strength.
          3049 руб
Natural Resource Modeling. Optimal Harvesting Theory for Predator-Prey Metapopulations
Some mathematical models of commercially exploited populations are then developed and the question of how to harvest a predator-prey metapopulation is addressed.
          3049 руб
Fabrication, Characterization and Modeling Fracture of Advanced Composites with Nanofiber Reinforced Interfaces.
Advanced polymer composites have being found increasing use in a wide variety of load-carrying structural applications where their specific strength and stiffness plays a crucial role.
          3189 руб
Modeling, Analysis, and Optimal Control of Fuel Cell Electrochemistry. Application to Polymer Electrolyte Membrane Fuel Cells
It then describes a wide range of experimental and electroanalytical techniques pertinent to fuel cell research along with an in-depth discussion on modeling of electrochemical reactions and the dependence of reaction kinetics on fuel cell catalyst structure.
          2767 руб
Random Polymer Models Pinning and Wetting Models for Polymers with semi-flexible Interaction.
This book provides technics and new results on phase transitions corresponding to some localization behavior.
          3213 руб
Characterization and Modeling of The Effect of Environmental Degradation on Interlaminar Shear Strength of Carbon/Epoxy Composites DEGRADATION OF CARBON/EPOXY COMPOSITES DUE TO ENVIRONMENTAL EFFECTS.
The objective of this thesis is to develop a methodology, based on mechanistic models, for predicting the long-term durability of fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composite materials.
          2006 руб
Modeling and Multiresolution Characterization of Micro/nano Surface. for Polymer Thin Films and Interfaces
A multi-scale molecular model can help to investigate the physical and chemical mechanism in manufacturing process.
          2414 руб
Anaerobic Digestion in a Tapered Fluidized Bed Reactor. Characterization of Mesoporous Activated Carbon, Start up, Optimization of reactor, Kinetics and Neural Network Modeling
Mesoporous Activated Carbon (MAC) was used as a carrier matrix to improve the efficiency through insitu immobilization of anaerobic bacteria and caused internal micro agitation due to entrapped gases.
          3049 руб
Mathematical Modelling of Physical Processes in Composite Materials of Periodical Structures
          969 руб
Modeling and Characterization of Perforates in Lined Ducts
Many recent studies on noise reduction involve the use of perforated plates in the air and gas flow ducting connected to the engine.
          3189 руб
Model Reduction Techniques using Interval Analysis and Optimization. with Control System Applications
Existing model reduction techniques for lower order controller design have certain limitations in terms of their applicability, reliability and accuracy.
          2745 руб
Analytical Biomechanics. Modeling and Optimal Controller Designs
In last century many engineers and scientist applied principal of mathematical theories to biological subjects and thus evolved new fields like biomechanics.
          2745 руб
Flow Transport Phenomena in Tissue Engineering. Flow Characterization and Modeling of Cartilage Development in a Spinner-Flask Bioreactor
This book focuses on the formulation of relationships between tissue growth and the local shear stress in the context of the tissue engineering of cartilage in spinner-flask bioreactors.
          2383 руб

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