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Cezanne and The Modern. Masterpieces of European Art from the Pearlman Collection
304 стр. твердый переплет

издательство: Yale University Press
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Among the iconic images represented are Paul Cezanne' s Mont Sainte-Victoire (ca. 1902), Vincent van Gogh' s Tarascon Stagecoach (1888), and Amedeo Modigliani' s portrait of Jean Cocteau (1916-17), as well as an outstanding suite of sixteen watercolors by Cezanne. The volume opens with Henry Pearlman' s Reminiscences of a Collector, a fascinating first-person narrative, newly annotated to identify key individuals and dates mentioned in the text. An essay by art historian Rachael Z. DeLue places Pearlman in the context of mid-20th-century American collecting, and a detailed chronology illuminates Pearlman' s collecting practices in relation to noteworthy events in the art world. A series of fifteen brief essays by leading scholars focuses on each of the represented artists and their works, richly illustrated with sumptuous color plates, select details, and numerous comparative images. Cezanne and the Modern showcases fifty masterworks of late 19th-to mid-20th-century avant-garde European art from the Henry and Rose Pearlman Collection, one of the most distinguished private collections of modern art in the United States.

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Dogs and Demons

Now few people linger in the park's empty expanse of masonry edged with neat borders of brick and stone. In the middle stands one official cherry tree, with a granite monument in front engraved with calligraphy that reads «Flowers and Greenery.» Japan's traditional culture sprang from a oneness with nature, but it is sterile industrial surfaces that define modern Japanese life. It's a stark contrast, but a real one. The gap between Japan's traditional image of itself and the modern reality has riven the nation's present-day culture. Artists must make a hard choice: try to re-create a vanished world of bamboo, thatched houses, and temples (but in a cultural context in which sterility rules and all these things have become irrelevant) or go with the times, giving in to dead, flat industrial surfaces. Cut off from the latest trends in Asia or the West, designers find it hard to conceive of natural materials used successfully in a modern way, or of modern designs that blend happily into a natural context. This unresolved cultural conflict is a secret subtext to art and architecture in Japan today ...

Подарочный набор, 21x16x4 см, арт. 140304.
Материал: искусственная кожа. Правила ухода: избегать попадания влаги. Состав: кожзаменитель (PU), элементы металла. В наборе: бумажник,
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Ночник с проектором "Звездочка".
В свете проектора, отраженном на потолке, малыш увидит милых персонажей, медленно плывущих по кругу. Это небольшое волшебное представление
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Машина-каталка "Авторалли", цвет: розовый.
Игрушка выполнена в интересном дизайне: внешне она очень напоминает автомобиль BMW, но оформлена в ярком розовом цвете. Толокар снабжен
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