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Cape town: Architecture & Design
237 стр. твердый переплет + суперобложка 22x4x18 см

издательство: Daab
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Foreign investors, attracted by the temperate climate and spectacular views, have commissioned magnificient homes on the Atlantic seaboard. Cape Town is the third most populous city in South Africa and it is receiving the largest number of tourists of any South African city. This book provides an insight to modern architectural projects in Cape Town from the last four years. As far as available floor plans give additional insights. Not only public and cultural buildings, such as Restaurants and Hotels but also private houses are shown in chapters. It is a vivid aspiring town with a lot of new Hotels and Restaurants. Cape Town' s architecture is a fascinating mosaic of Asian, European and African traditions mixed with more and more modern elements. The city' s image remains uniquely defined by the majesty of Table Mountain and the surrounding two oceans.

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11 сентября 2001

Figure 2-2 presents a structural framing plan representative of an upper floor in the towers. Figure 2-1 Representative floor plan (based on floor plan for 94th and 95th floors of WTC1). Figure 2-2 Representative structural framing plan, upper floors. The buildings' signature architectural design feature was the vertical fenestration, the predominant element of which was a series of closely spaced built-up box columns. At typical floors, a total of 59 of these perimeter columns were present along each of the flat faces of the building. These columns were built up by welding four plates together to form an approximately 14-inch square section, spaced at 3 feet 4 inches on center. Adjacent perimeter columns were interconnected at each floor level by deep spandrel plates, typically 52 inches in depth. In alternate stories, an additional column was present at the center of each of the chamfered building corners. The resulting configuration of closely spaced columns and deep spandrels created a perforated steel bearing-wall frame system that extended continuously around the building perimeter ...

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