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Книги          Автор Lauder A.          Издательство Clarkson Potter

Beauty at Home
240 стр. твердый переплет

автор:Lauder A.
издательство: Clarkson Potter
цена:2862 руб
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Style icon Aerin Lauder reveals what it means to live beautifully Extravagant and fun to be around, Estee Lauder, Aerin' s grandmother, loved jewelry and chocolate-covered marshmallows. She adored flowers and rooms full of exuberant patterns. When Aerin was a child, weekend visits with Estee meant ice-cream-and-late-night-TV adventures and spending time together at her grandmother' s dressing-room table with its intriguing lipsticks and creams. From an early age, Aerin understood that Estee' s passion for family was equal to her love of beauty. Now, Aerin has made this legacy her own. For the first time, she shares memories of the family celebrations and world travel that formed her sense of style. Aerin opens the doors to her New York apartment, where on any given night she might host a relaxed dinner with firends under a vintage French chandelier or, just as often, an impromptu get-together for her sons. Aerin also reveals how she preserved Estee' s heritage in her former Hamptons home while adding her own twists. Throughout this book, evocative photographs by Simon Upton show Aerin' s world in inspiring detail and enhance Aerin' s insights into surrounding oneself with beauty and family in every aspect of life. The traditions Aerin has created in her own family - from pool parties with her sons to walks along the beach collecting sea glass to breezy summer lunches - blend elegance and fun in equal measure.

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The Tipping Point

It's all those things and yet something more. At one point I asked him whether he was happy, and he fairly bounced off his chair. "Very. I'm probably the most optimistic person you could ever imagine. You take the most optimistic person you know and take it to the hundredth power, that's me. Because you know what, the power of positive thinking will overcome so many things. There are so many people who are negative. Someone will say you can't do that. And I'll say, what do you mean I can't do that? We moved up to Ashland, Oregon, a little over five years ago. We found a house we really liked. It had been on the market for some time and it was a bit expensive. So I said to my wife, you know what, I'm going to make a ridiculously low offer. And she said they're never going to take that. I said, maybe not. What have we got to lose? The worst thing they can say is no. I'm not going to insult them. I'm going to give them my little pitch of here's why I'm doing this. I'm going to make it clear what I'm suggesting. And you know what? They accepted the offer." As Gau told me this story, I had no difficulty at all seeing him back in Ashland, somehow convincing the seller to part with his beautiful home for a ridiculous price. "Gosh darn it," Gau said, "If you don't try, you'll never succeed." 10 ...

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Набор мебели для гостиной "Beauty Home"
В набор входят различные предметы мебели, которые отлично впишутся в гостиную: мягкие кресла, телевизор, рояль, комод и другие элементы интерьера.
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Набор мебели с куколкой "Beauty Home"
Фигурка изображает симпатичную девушку в ярком наряде.
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Дом для кукол "Beauty Home", арт. 511a
Кукольный домик Beauty Home позволит девочке стать хозяйкой дома и воспитывать в себе ответственность и организованность.
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Create a Beautiful Home with a Romantic Vintage Look Romantic Style:
          1146 руб
Bohemian Modern. Imaginative and Affordable Ideas for a Creative and Beautiful Home
The style certainly gives a nod to ' 70s chic, with its use of shagpile rugs, Swiss cheese plants, and macrame, but it stands firmly in the present day by boldly contrasting those elements with sleek modern art on the walls and polished concrete worksurfaces. Emily Henson starts by taking a look at the different facets of the look: pattern and colour, textiles, handmade pieces, living with houseplants, and collections and display. She also offers up styling tricks to use at home and ideas for recycling and reuse. Next, a series of case studies take a closer look at freespirited and creative homes and the people who live in them. From a restored barn on the coast of Morocco to a former parking garage in the Netherlands that' s been converted into a flexible family live/work space, Emily shows that any home can have Bohemian Modern style.
          2207 руб
Мебель для кукол "Beautiful Home"
          210 руб
Charter, deed of trust, constitution, by-laws of the almoners, rules for the government of the Home, annual reports for 1893 and list of subscribers
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          360 руб
The art of home candy making, with illustrations
          599 руб
The works of John Home, esq. To which is prefixed an account of his life and writings by Henry Mackenzie Now first collected.
          1146 руб
Annual Report of the Messiah Universalist Home
          1145 руб
Constitution, By-Laws and General Laws International Typographical Union and Union Printers' Home
          600 руб
House Beautiful Fabrics for Your Home: 350 Designer Favorites
House Beautiful Fabrics for Your Home provides the perfect mix of practical information and inspiration for the home decorator.
          557 руб
Planning and planting for the home beautiful
          1140 руб
Beauty and Nick, a novel of the stage and the home--the artistic temperament in fateful action
          953 руб
The Way Home: Reflections on American Beauty
Perhaps like no other contemporary decorator, Bilhuber has been a barometer of change, and this book marks a new, more relaxed evolution of his style.
          2554 руб
A Place Called Home. Creating Beautiful Spaces to Call Your Own
The book is filled with lots of clever tricks and fun ideas, as well as information on where to source things from.
          2687 руб
The Inspired Home. Interiors of Deep Beauty
The direct and practical advice featured inside, along with a wealth of extraordinary photographs of the homes, teaches us how to feel visually, understand color and texture, and find objects, new and used, with a sense of life.
          2771 руб
Beautiful Homes, My Story and Vision The World of Shabby Chic.
A palette and patina of soft colors and faded antiques.
          2715 руб
1000 Sensational Makeovers: Great Ideas to Create Your Ideal Home
          2356 руб
Аудиокассета 3: Family. Home. Friends (Семья. Дом. Друзья) - - с. (в супер. ) ~94. 02. 10 165 Английский язык: Раннее обучение детей от 3-х лет:
          29 руб

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