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Дизайн дома, квартиры          Издательство Taschen

Bars & Restaurants Architecture Now!
416 стр. мягкая обложка

издательство: Taschen
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The latest architecture and design of restaurants and bars, from L. A. to Tokyo, is the focus of this book. Designed and conceived like the enormously successful Architecture Now! books, this publishing milestone identifies the current trends bringing architecture and design together in new and exciting ways. From a skyscraper rooftop in Bangkok to a beachfront in Brazil, here are places where design, architecture, food and drink come together in inspiring combinations ranging from minimalist to extravagantly Baroque. Whether the challenge is merely placing furniture in a simple space, or an ambitious structural project, restaurants and bars are the sites of our most expressive architecture; more ephemeral than larger facilities or entire buildings, they are more apt to capture the mood of the times.

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Nasty Sharon

But watching her ass wag out of the place, Tom figured he had better settle for what he could get out of this redhead. The Sunland Motel was a huge, two-story, white oval-roofed structure surrounded by lawns manicured like golf greens. Palms arched gracefully up from flower beds. Crushed coral drives gleamed in the night. As Sharon paced up the walk to the front entrance the little white car shrank in her mind to the dimensions of a toy. What counted was this million-dollar layout. This was the action. This was where she must become somebody big. She entered the motel lobby, a spacious circle walled with marble. To the left was the bar-restaurant section. The restaurant was already closed off by velvet ropes. To the right was a gift store and the Beachwear Boutique, both shut for the night. The room desk was ahead, on the corridor leading to the swimming pool where Nancy Forbes was now handing a key to a young couple. Arms about each other, they moved away down the hall. They were quickies, Sharon guessed, here to fuck for a few hours ...

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Дизайн дома, квартиры

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Where factors of cost may limit civic architecture to tried and trusted methods, some houses break all the rules, and help architecture to move forward.
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This is where Peter Marino meets Karl Lagerfeld, and where Yoshioka Tokujin breaths life into Hermè s scarves. Ephemeral by design in many cases, Shopping Architecture Now! is also the place where the makers of dreams finally find a solid home. Books, jewelry, fine foods and handbags are glorified and amplified by glass, steel, and the latest, most sophisticated techniques in design and branding. The latest volume in the world' s most successful architecture series.
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Large-scale works include the futuristic Chinese Central TV Tower in Beijing (OMA) and the Burj Khalifa (SOM), the world' s tallest tower and centerpiece of the Gulf region' s most prestigious urban development to date.
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Despite its importance to place-making, urban planning, and the environment, landscape design has often played an inferior role to architecture.
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As soon as the first men bravely moved out of their protective caves, they surely built protective structures out of wood.
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Architecture Now! Vol. 9
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Architecture Now. Houses. Vol. 3
Houses" series includes 60 of the most dramatic new residences around the world. See the extraordinary House Turtle designed by the artists Carten Holler and Marcel Odenbach in Biriwa, Ghana; visit Tadao Ando' s dramatic House in Monterrey, Mexico, or take off to see the Flight of Birds House in the Azores by Bernardo Rodrigues.
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