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Духовные наставления          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Baha'i Faith in India
96 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Even though the Baha'i Faith in India is numerically small and tiny in proportion of the national population, it has a long history culminating in recent times with the notable Lotus Temple, various Baha'i schools, and increasing prominence.

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The World is Flat

When I set sail, so to speak, I too assumed that the world was round, but what I encountered in the real India profoundly shook my faith in that notion. Columbus accidentally ran into America but thought he had discovered part of India. I actually found India and thought many of the people I met there were Americans. Some had actually taken American names, and others were doing great imitations of American accents at call centers and American business techniques at software labs. Columbus reported to his king and queen that the world was round, and he went down in history as the man who first made this discovery. I returned home and shared my discover)' only with my wife, and only in a whisper. “Honey,” I confided, “I think the world is flat.” How did I come to this conclusion? I guess you could say it all started in Nandan Nilekani's conference room at Infosys Technologies Limited. Infosys is one of the jewels of the Indian information technology world, and Nilekani, the company's CEO, is one of the most thoughtful and respected captains of Indian industry ...

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Духовные наставления

Baha'i Faith in Cameroon
          1597 руб
Baha'i Faith in Brazil
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Laos
The current community is approximately eight thousand adherents and four centers:
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Azerbaijan
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in England
Today there are Baha' i communities across the country from Carlisle to Cornwall The Baha' i Faith in England started with the earliest mentions of the predecessor of the Baha' i Faith, the Bab, in The Times on 1 November 1845, only a little over a year after the Bab first stated his mission.
          1597 руб
Baha'i Faith in Iceland
The Baha' i Faith was recognized as a religious community in 1966 and the first Baha' i National Spiritual Assembly was elected in 1972.
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Iran
World-wide in 1979 there were 129 officially recognized Baha' i socio-economic development projects. By 1987, the number of officially recognized development projects had increased to 1482. The Baha' i Faith in Iran is the country' s second-largest religion after Islam and the birthplace of the three central figures of the religion – The Bab, Baha' u' llah and `Abdu' l-Baha. Since it' s inception the religion has had involvement in socio-economic development beginning by giving greater freedom to women, promulgating the promotion of female education as a priority concern, and that involvement was given practical expression by creating schools, agricultural coops, and clinics. The religion entered a new phase of activity when a message of the Universal House of Justice dated 20 October 1983 was released. Baha' is were urged to seek out ways, compatible with the Baha' i teachings, in which they could become involved in the social and economic development of the communities in which they lived.
          1597 руб
Baha'i Faith in Kiribati
Three years later the island where the first convert was sent to was found to now have 10 Baha' is. By 1963 there were 14 assemblies. As the Ellice Islands gained independence as Tuvalu and the Gilbert Islands and others formed Kiribati, the communities of Baha' is also reformed into separate institutions of National Spiritual Assemblies in 1981. The Baha' is had established a number schools by 1963 and there are still such today - indeed the Ootan Marawa Baha' i Vocational Institute being the only teacher training institution for pre-school teachers in Kiribati. The Baha' i Faith in Kiribati begins after 1916 with a mention by `Abdu' l-Baha, then head of the religion, that Baha' is should take the religion to the Gilbert Islands which form part of modern Kiribati. The first Baha' is pioneered to the island of Abaiang(aka Charlotte Island, of the Gilbert Islands), on March 4, 1954.
          1189 руб
Baha'i Faith in Liberia
By the end of 1963 there were five assemblies and Liberian Baha' is elected their first National Spiritual Assembly in 1975. Hosting various conferences through the ' 70' s the community was somewhat disrupted by the First Liberian Civil War with some refugees going to Cote d' The Baha' i Faith in Liberia begins with the entrance of the first member of the religion in 1952 and the first Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly in 1958 in Monrovia.
          1189 руб
Baha'i Faith in Mozambique
Since 1984 the Baha' is have begun to hold development projects. The Association of Religion Data Archives (relying on World Christian Encyclopedia) estimated just over 2,500 Baha' is in 2005. The Mozambique Baha' i community participated in successive stages of regional organization across southern Africa from 1956 through the election of its first Mozambique Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly by 1963 and on to its own National Spiritual Assembly was elected in 1987. The Baha' i Faith in Mozambique begins after the mention of Africa in Baha' i literature when `Abdu' l-Baha suggested it as a place to take the religion to in 1916. The first know Baha' i to enter the region was in 1951-2 at Beira when a British pioneer came through on the way to what was then Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.
          1189 руб
Baha'i Faith in Nepal
The Baha' i Faith in Nepal begins after a Nepalese leader encountered the religion in his travels before World War II. Following World War II, the first known Baha' i to entire Nepal was about 1952 in the person N. P. Sinha who moved to Birganj and the first Nepalese Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly elected in 1959, and its National Assembly in 1972. The 2001 census reported 1211 Baha' is, and since the 1990s the Baha' i community of Nepal has been involved in a number of interfaith organizations including the Inter-religious Council of Nepal promoting peace in the country. For a period of time, between 1976 and 1981, all assemblies were dissolved due to legal restrictions.
          1189 руб
Baha'i Faith in New Zealand
The Baha' i National Spiritual Assembly of New Caledonia was elected in 1977. Multiplying its involvements through to today, the 2001 population was reported at 1,070 and growing. In 1961 Jeannette Outhey was the first New Caledonian to join the religion and with other converts and pioneers elected the first Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly of Noumea. The Baha' i Faith in New Caledonia was first mentioned by `Abdu' l-Baha in 1916, though the first Baha' i arrived in 1952 during a temporary visit because of restrictive policies on English-speaking visitors.
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Senegal
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Spain
Following the election the breadth of initiatives of the community increased privately until 1968 when the national assembly was able to register as a Non-Catholic Religious Association in the Ministry of Justice and the Ministry of Information and Tourism allowing public religious events and publication and importation of religious materials.
          1393 руб
God in the Baha'i Faith
God is the imperishable, uncreated being who is the source of all existence.
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in South Africa
A small population of Baha' is remained until 1950 when large numbers of international Baha' i pioneers settled in South Africa. The Baha' i Faith in South Africa began with the holding of Baha' i meetings in the country in 1911.
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith in Poland
There was a polish language translation of Paris Talks published in 1915.
          2006 руб
Baha'i Faith in the Netherlands
In 2005 the Netherlands had 34 local spiritual assemblies.
          1393 руб
Baha'i Faith and Auxiliary Language
The Baha' i Faith teaches that the world should adopt an international auxiliary language, which people would use in addition to their mother tongue. The Baha' i teachings state, however, that the international auxiliary language should not suppress existing natural languages, and that the concept of unity in diversity must be applied to preserve cultural distinctions.
          1597 руб
Baha'i Faith in American Samoa and Samoa
With the first converts the first Baha' i Local Spiritual Assembly was elected in 1961, and the Baha' i National Spiritual Assembly was first elected in 1970. The Baha' i Faith in (Western) Samoa and American Samoa begins with the then head of the religion, `Abdu' l-Baha, mentioning the islands in 1916, inspiring Baha' is on their way to Australia to stop in Samoa in 1920. Thirty four years later another Baha' i from Australia pioneered to Samoa in 1954.
          1393 руб

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