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Architectural Optimizations in Multi-Core Processors. Improving Thread-Based Synchronization and Communications
144 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Sevin F.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2414 руб
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Thus, multi-core processors have been increasingly popular. The quest for greater computational power is never-ending. However, conventional parallel programming models may introduce overhead due to synchronization and communications among threads in multi-threaded applications. Prepushing is a software controlled data forwarding technique to provide communications support in multi-core processors. Recently, the architectural trend has shifted from improving single-threaded application performance to improving multi-threaded application performance. This book presents three architectural optimizations to improve thread-based synchronization and communications support in multi-core processors. Register-Based Synchronization (RBS) uses hardware registers efficiently to provide synchronization support in multi-core processors. Software Controlled Eviction (SCE) improves shared cache communications by placing shared data in shared caches. To achieve concurrent execution of threads on multi-core processors, applications must be explicitly restructured to exploit parallelism, either by programmers or compilers.

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Mastering VMware® Infrastructure3

In the inventory tree, click on a host. This shows you the Summary tab. Click the Performance tab, as shown in Figure 11.40. 3. Click the Change Chart Options link. 4. Under Chart Options, click on the Network bull's-eye or the + sign, as shown in Figure 11.41. The objects to choose from are the physical, hyper-threaded, or core processors. There are two often-used counters in this customization dialog box: CPU Usage (Average/Rate) and CPU Reserved Capacity. Both are used to see how an individual ESXPServer is being utilized. CPU Usage shows actual usage, and CPU Reserved Capacity shows how much usage is left. Figure 11.40 The Performance tab is the central focus of obtaining information about virtual machine or host performance levels. Figure 11.41 Looking at host processor usage and spare capacity. CPU Reserved Capacity The CPU Reserved Capacity counter can be used to monitor spare capacity for a single ESX Server. However, if DRS has been enabled, the Resource Allocation tab for the Cluster inventory object is more relevant since it shows cluster usage and spare capacity at a glance for all servers in a cluster.P 5.PSelect those relevant objects and counters to provide the information required, as shown in Figure 11.42 ...

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