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Основы социологии          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

Anthropology of the Rwandan Genocide
72 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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With a deeper understanding of the inner workings and culture of genocidal campaigns, there is a greater chance of recognizing signs to stop genocide. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! Anthropology of the Rwandan Genocide explores a critical anthropological view of the atrocities that took place before, after and during the 100 day mass murder of Tutsi citizens and Hutu moderates who sympathized with the Tutsi.

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An Ordinary Man

If that was impossible, could I at least get some more protection from policemen or the military? It was clear that I would have to invoke some international pressure to stop the raid, and so I started pestering the White House, the Quai dБЂ™Orsay, the Belgian government-anybody I could think of. One of the calls I made, of course, was to my bosses at Sabena, who shared my panic and pledged to raise hell with the French government. This БЂњFrench connectionБЂ« was a key pressure point that already saved us from disaster many times. I was going to press on it once more-hard. Let me explain. The Hutu Power government maintained close ties to France throughout the genocide. It was the French who had provided military training and armaments to most of the Rwandan Army and smuggled French guns kept flowing in through neighboring countries even after HabyarimanaБЂ™s plane was shot down. Even the Interahamwe knew who their friends were. They were under strict instructions not to harm or harass any French nationals who came through their roadblocks ...

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Сахарница с ложкой "Лавандовый букет", 660 мл.
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Основы социологии

Role of the International Community in the Rwandan Genocide
After the attack of 6 April 1994, the Radio des milles collines spread the rumour that Belgian soldiers from United Nations Mission for Assistance in Rwanda were the source.
          1189 руб
The CNN Effect and Beyond:. Testing the policy media interaction model on 1994 Rwandan Genocide
Hence, in order to device better theories which effectively explain the science of international intervention and foreign policymaking, the research around the CNN effect paradigm has gained much currency in the last few decades.
          1892 руб
Arab historiography on the Armenian genocide
The monograph is addressed to specialists in Armenian history, Arabists, Turkologists and specialists of Oriental studies in general, international affairs experts, genocidologists, students and all those interested in historical issues.
          298 руб
Economic Decline and Increased Willingness to Murder Rwandan Genocide.
Instead, relying on World Bank data and post-genocide interviews, this study concludes that the single most significant factor in explaining why so many ordinary Hutu citizens passionately engaged in the murder of their Tutsi neighbors, friends, acquaintances, and family members was the drastic economic decline that left so many uneducated, unemployed, and hopeless.
          2006 руб
The Tribal Dimension in the Division of the Kingdom of Israel. A Contextual analysis of 1Kings 1-24 from the Perspective of the Rwandan Experience of Social Conflict
The Rwandan Genocide in 1994 prompted Rwandans to ask questions about God' s attitude toward their suffering and to lament the failure of the church to prevent the tragedy. This work illustrates the strength of the contextual interpretation approach that makes biblical texts relevant to contemporary contexts. The work addresses issues related to church and society. It will inspire any person involved in the work of reconciliation. It should be useful to students of the Bible and readers of the Bible in general. The analysis guided by the inculturation approach to biblical interpretation arrives at the conclusion that in neither of the two contexts is God perceived as imposing tragedies on people. Such complaints call for a reflection on the kind of help that the people were entitled to expect from the church and from God and what were the perils of their expectation. Tragedies result from conflicts initiated by free and responsible people. Even God-given social diversity is not an obstacle to social harmony. This work attempts to answer these questions by the use of a dialogue between two contexts of social conflict in Rwanda and in ancient Israel.
          3049 руб
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Pupil's Book. Учебник
          185 руб
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Pupil's Book. Учебник (+ Audio CD)
          302 руб
Snow White & the 7 Dwarfs. Teacher's Edition. Издание для учителя
          224 руб
The Memoirs of Catherine the Great
The Memoirs of Catherine the Great provides an unparalleled window into eighteenth-century Russia and the mind of an absolute ruler.
          1170 руб
History Of The First Division During The World War, 1917-1919
          3 руб
History Of The Langobards (1906)
          1293 руб
Two Years In The Forbidden City
          3 руб
The Lost Prophecies
A mysterious book of prophecies written by a 6th century Irish monk has puzzled scholars through the ages.
          703 руб
The Tainted Relic
It was July, 1100. Jerusalem lies ransacked.
          373 руб
The Best of Newspaper Design: 29
Bold, full-colour layouts feature the best-of-the-best in news, features, portfolios, visuals, and more, and each entry is accompanied by insightful commentary on the elements that made the piece a standout winner.
          5235 руб
Street Art Doodle Book: Outside the Lines
Grown-ups have no idea what us kids want to see and do. We know that painting and drawing and making things is Fun!
          1879 руб
By-laws, roster, and muster roll of John F. Reynolds post, no. 6, Department of the Potomac, Grand army of the republic, July 1, 1891 ..
          1426 руб
Muster roll, Kit Carson Post No. 2, chartered March 27, 1867, Department of the Potomac, G.A.R. ..
          597 руб
Estracts from address of department commander Samuel S. Burdett, at the 15th annual encampment of the Department of the Potomac, Grand Army of the Republic, ... at Washingington, D.C., January 30, 1883
          1425 руб
The life and revelations of Saint Gertrude, virgin and abbess, of the Order of St. Benedict
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          1155 руб

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