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Anomaly Detection Modeling In Medical Pervasive Systems. Application Based Anomaly Detection
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автор:Biniyam A.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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Based on source of information for the IDS, it may be host-based, network-based or application-based. In this work, we have dealt with Intrusion Detection, ID, to secure a medical application deployed on pervasive devices. Based on attack identification, they can be those which implement misuse detection, matching against known attack patterns, and those which implement anomaly detection, deviation from normal patterns. Misuse detection is used for matching only known patterns of attacks while anomaly detection is capable of identifying new attacks by matching with an already established normal profile. For our case, we deal with application based anomaly detection modeling issues through building normal users’ application usage profiles. ID Systems, IDSs, are used to monitor a resource and notify someone in the event of a specific occurrence for an appropriate response.

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Real-Time Concepts for Embedded Systems

This form of detection and recovery is localized to an individual task, and the task has deadlock awareness. A system that is capable of deadlock detection is more efficient in terms of resource utilization when compared to a system without deadlock detection. A system capable of deadlock detection is not conservative when granting resource allocation requests if deadlock is allowed to occur. Therefore, resources are highly utilized. A system without deadlock detection is conservative when granting resource allocation requests. A resource request is denied if the system believes there is a potential for deadlock, which may never occur. The conservatism of the system results in idle resources even when these resources could be used. Deadlock detection does not solve the problem; instead, the detection algorithm informs the recovery algorithm when the existence of deadlock is discovered. For deadlock in the Single resource request model, a cycle in the resource graph is a necessary and sufficient condition. For deadlock in the AND resource request model, a cycle in the resource graph is a necessary and sufficient condition ...

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Avec la demande croissante d' energie, les eoliennes apportent une reponse viable aux problemes environnementaux poses par les sources d' energie traditionnelles. Toutefois, l' eolienne est devenue un systeme complexe qui necessite une supervision rigoureuse pour obtenir un rendement energetique optimal. L' objectif de cet ouvrage se resume ainsi: etablir la surveillance d' une eolienne, et notamment de sa generatrice, en utilisant des methodes d' estimation d' etat et de detection de defauts. La surveillance de ces processus demande alors un suivi rigoureux. Ce suivi doit etre capable de detecter les defauts capteurs, de les localiser, et de les identifier pour decider des actions a entreprendre. Ces differentes etapes, qui constituent la base du diagnostic, doivent etre executees aussi rapidement que possible. La complexite croissante des unites de production necessite une automatisation de plus en plus developpee.
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