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Экономическая теория          Автор Melanie B.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

An Evaluation of the Environmental and Economic Impacts of Coal Mining. Wise County, Virginia as Study Area
72 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Melanie B.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:2006 руб
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Much controversy concerning the environmental impact of mining surrounds this industry. More specifically, this research reveals an inverse relationship between the vegetative state of the land and the total amount of coal extracted from the land. Coal mining has been and continues to be a large industry in southwestern Virginia, along the Appalachian Mountains, and more specifically in Wise County. This research analyzes the Flat Gap mine site, an active mine site in which coal is being extracted today and in which no post-mine operation reclamation to the land has taken place, to determine if the economic benefit offsets change to the natural vegetative state of the land that occurs during the coal extraction process. This research also discloses that among the auger, surface, and underground methods of mining, the underground mining method distresses the natural vegetative state of the land most during the mining process. However, this industry also brings vast economic benefit to communities.

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Teasing Secrets from the Dead: My Investigations at America's Most Infamous Crime Scenes

Authorities duly got a search warrant and examined the house, where they found minute traces of blood spatter and a single bullet hole in the wall. An all-out effort by the community sent searchers into the mountains, forests, and coal mines throughout the county for a nonstop three-day search. Finally, a neighbor found the Stephenses' abandoned pickup truck behind a tobacco barn. Detectives had it loaded onto a flatbed truck and taken to a commercial garage, where they went over the truck with a fine-tooth comb. When they found what appeared to be fragments of burned bone behind the toolbox, they called me. A two-hour drive got me to the garage in Loyall where they had delivered the truck. No one answered my knock on the door, but after I blew the horn of my van a few times, the garage door opened and several state troopers signaled for me to drive right inside. No wonder they hadn't heard me knock-a long cylindrical kerosene heater was roaring in the center of the room, and the guys had a radio blaring to try to drown out the noise ...

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