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Разное          Издательство Phaidon Press

American Art Book
520 стр. мягкая обложка

издательство: Phaidon Press
цена:892 руб

American Art Book is a vibrant guide to the most influential and best-loved American artists from Colonial times to the present. Covering three centuries, the art ranges from Puritan portraits to the luminous paintings of the Hudson River School and the American Impressionists, to the videos and neon and digital works of today's most intriguing Conceptual artists. Like the enormously popular Art Book, it presents 500 artists in an A to Z format that departs from the usual emphasis on genres and time periods: Grandma Moses sits next to Robert Motherwell, and Winslow Homer faces Jenny Holzer, encouraging readers to contemplate the connections between art, American history, and popular culture. Each artist is represented by a full-page color plate of a significant work, accompanied by an informative and engaging text that places the artist in the context of contemporary movements and preceding traditions. The book includes an easy-to-use glossary of artistic terms and movements, and a directory of museums and public collections across the United States and abroad with important holdings in American art, making it a valuable reference work as well as a stimulating way to approach this multifaceted subject.

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Русский балет

Денему, возглавлявшему "Б. р. де М.-К.", удалось продлить существование труппы до нач. 1960-х гг., когда она, с одной стороны, полностью американизировалась, с другой - своего лица как амер. труппа не обрела. Лит.; Beaumont С. W.. Supplement to Cormplete book of ballets L,; 11945 j; Amberg G.. Ballet: the emergence of an American art. N. Y.. 1949; De Mille A., Dance to the piper, Boston, 1952; H u r o k S.. Hurok presents: a memoir of the dance world, N. Y.. 1953; M a s s i n e L., My life in ballet, N. Y.-P., 1968; Anderson J.. The One and Only. The Ballet Russe de Monte Carlo, N. Y., 1981; D a n i l o v a A., Choura, N. Y.. 1986; Buckle R.. Taras J.. G, Balanchine. Ballet Master, N. Y., 1987. E. Я. Суриц. БАЛТАЧЕЕВ Тахир Валеевич (р. 18.9.1924, Ленинград), артист, педагог. Засл. арт. Башк. АССР (1957), засл. деят. иск-в Тат. АССР (1965). Брат Н. В. Балтаче-евой. В 1944 окончил ЛХУ (педагоги А. В. Лопухов, А. А. Писарев). С 1942 в Т-ре им. Кирова. Первый исполнитель партий: Шайтан ("Шурале", 1950, балетм. Л. В ...

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Catalogue of the valuable collection of manuscripts, autographs, books portraits and other interesting material mainly relating to Napoleon Bonaparte . to be sold . at the American Art Galleries
          838 руб
The Art Book: Альбом (на англ.яз.) - 512 с. ISBN 0-7148-2984-6 ~92.04.10 738
          3398 руб
Rod Stewart 'The Great American Song Book' вып.3 [CD] { } ~54.00.00 48903
          217 руб
America's Art: Smithsonian American Art Museum (на англ.яз.)
The Smithsonian American Art Museum will reopen in July 2006 after a six-year renovation effort.
          2188 руб
Great American Stories Book 3
          419 руб
China Art Book
          1543 руб
Ancient American Art in Detail
At every turn these masterpieces evoke the skilled hands and practised eye of the most accomplished Ancient American craftsmen over thousands of years.
          877 руб
Action/abstraction: Pollock, de Kooning, and American Art, 1940-1976
The abstract paintings of Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning, Barnett Newman, Lee Krasner, Clyfford Still, Helen Frankenthaler, and others revolutionized the art world in the 1940s and 1950s and continue to inspire passionate arguments to this day.
          2614 руб
Treasures of the Addison Gallery of American Art (Tiny Folio)
When its founder, Thomas Cochran, opened the Addison to the public in 1931, it was one of the few museums in this country devoted solely to American art.
          467 руб
Pop Art Book
The book' s four chapters explore the movement via themes of popular culture (fashion, music, comics, film, cars); consumerism (packaging and the media); art and literature (pop art in the context of art history and the backdrop against which it emerged); and politics (the Cold War, the Civil Rights Movement and JFK). In the spirit of Pop Art, the book includes stickers and pop-ups which encourage the reader to take a playful and creative attitude towards the art. This is combined with a fresh and startling approach to the presentation of the images. Pop Art Book is a collaboration with the Wolverhampton Art Gallery, which holds one of the most valued collections of Pop Art in the UK. Including pieces by major artists such as Andy Warhol, Peter Blake, Roy Lichtenstein and Eduardo Paolozzi, this book combines visual excitement with accessible academic reflection on the work. This interactive element of the book offers a fun way of learning to the uninitiated, as well as providing connoisseurs with a new take on this art movement.
          3101 руб
The Music of Kenneth Mahy. An Examination of an American Art Song Composer
Kenneth Mahy is an American composer of art song and choral music.
          2401 руб
Gwendolyn Brooks?s Poetry. Some Special Charateristics of African-American Art Through the Verse of a Poet Laureate
Gwendolyn Brooks was born in 1917 and died in 2000, so she formed a bridge between contemporary arts and Harlem Renaissance.
          2006 руб
An American text-book of physiology
          2056 руб
An American Text-Book of Physiology, Volume 2
Несмотря на то, что была проведена серьезная работа по восстановлению первоначального качества издания, на некоторых страницах могут обнаружиться небольшие "огрехи": помарки, кляксы и т. п. Книга представляет собой репринтное издание.
          1154 руб
          1897 руб
Scientific American reference book
          1294 руб
Jennie June's American Cookery Book, Containing Upwards of Twelve Hundred Choice and Carefully Tested Receipts ... Also a Chapter for Invalids, for Infants, ... and a Variety of Miscellaneous Receipts ...
          1146 руб
The All-american Cook Book / Being A Collection Chiefly Of Recipes Of The Favorite Dishes Of Famous Americans
          1139 руб
American art, how it can be made to flourish
          398 руб
Timeline of Native American Art History
Earlier dates, especially before the 18th century, are mostly approximate. 10,200 BCE: Cooper Bison skull is painted with a red zigzag in present day Oklahoma, becoming the oldest known painted object in North America. 9250–8950 BCE: Clovis points - thin, fluted projectile points created using bifacial percussion flaking - are created by Clovis culture peoples in the Plains and Southwestern North America. 9250–8550 BCE: Monte Alegre culture rock paintings created at Caverna da Pedra Pintada become the oldest known paintings in South America. 7370±90: Stenciled hands are painted with mineral inks at the Cueva de las Manos, near Perito Moreno, Argentina, as well as images of humans, guanacos, rheas, felines, other animals, geometric shapes, the sun, and hunting scenes.
          1921 руб

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