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99th Air Base Wing
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автор:Frederic P.
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The wing is also the host unit at Nellis. A non-flying wing, the organization oversees the daily operations of Nellis AFB such as personnel, finance, civil engineering and supply. The group moved to Algeria in May 1943, where the group and its B-17 Flying Fortress aircraft distinguished themselves while flying bombing missions against targets in Italy, Sardinia and Sicily. It is stationed at Nellis Air Force Base, Nevada. The 99 ABW has a long and distinguished history, the successor organization to the World War II 99th Bombardment Group. The 99th Air Base Wing (99 ABW) is a United States Air Force unit assigned to the Air Combat Command United States Air Force Warfare Center. Active for over 60 years, the 99th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing was a component organization of Strategic Air Command' s deterrent force during the Cold War, as a strategic reconnaissance wing. The 99th Air Base Wing is commanded by Colonel Howard D. (Dave) Belote. Its Command Chief Master Sergeant is Chief Master Sergeant Alfred A. Herring. Then, in December 1943, aircrews moved to Italy and conducted missions throughout Europe. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!

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A-10s over Kosovo (illustrations removed)

Because the 104th EOG included many veteran instructor pilots and maintainers with lots of years of deployed operational experience, the Killer Bees were able to quickly commence operations in the unfamiliar, Spartan-like facilities. Staying true to the expeditionary Hog mind-set, the 131st EFS launched their first combat sorties on 21 May, within days of their arrival at Trapani. They participated in all A-10 missions for the remainder of the hostilities and returned to their bases in late June. Col Daniel Swift, from Barnes ANG Base, commanded the 104th EOG.б  31st Air Expeditionary Wing and 31st Expeditionary Operations Group The 31st AEW was the host unit at Aviano AB and had OPCON of the 81st EFS from January 1999 until the PanthersБЂ™ departure for Gioia del Colle on 11 April 1999. As such, the 31st AEW provided invaluable direction as well as operational and logistical support as the 81st flew its first combat missions over Serbia. Brig Gen Daniel P. Leaf commanded the 31st AEW, and Col Jeffrey Eberhart commanded the 31st EOG.б  52d Air Expeditionary Wing The 52d AEW at Spangdahlem was one of three fighter wings in USAFE and the home unit for the 81st FS ...

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