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552d Air Control Wing
92 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
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The wing flies the E-3 Sentry, and is currently commanded by Colonel Patricia D. Hoffman. The 552d Air Control Wing (552 ACW) is an operational wing of the United States Air Force based at Tinker Air Force Base, Oklahoma. Please note that the content of this book primarily consists of articles available from Wikipedia or other free sources online.

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A-10s over Kosovo (illustrations removed)

The 81st FS became the 81st EFS, began OAF while deployed to Aviano AB, and then moved to Gioia del Colle AB on 11 April 1999. Pilots from the 70th FS, 74th FS, and 75th FS flew five 74th FS aircraft and formed the 74th EFS. They joined the 81st EFS at Gioia del Colle under the operational control (OPCON) of the 40th Expeditionary Operations Group (EOG). Pilots and aircraft from three Air National Guard A-10 units (103d, 172d, and 190th FSs) formed the 131st EFS, organized under the 104th EOG, at Trapani AB. The 40th EOG and the 104th EOG were organized with the 52d EOG (F-16/F-117) at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, to make up the 52d Air Expeditionary Wing (AEW). \Photo: A-10 leads fellow 52d AEW aircraft past a German castle. The wing also included a deployed F-117 FS. 81st Fighter Squadron БЂњPanthersБЂ« During the 1993 Air Force restructuring, the 81st FS, known as the БЂњPanthers,БЂ« stood up as part of the 52d Fighter Wing at Spangdahlem AB, Germany, with some personnel and aircraft from the deactivated 81st Fighter Wing at RAF Bentwaters, England ...

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Marine Air Control Squadron 2
They are based at Marine Corps Air Station Cherry Point and fall under Marine Air Control Group 28 and the 2nd Marine Aircraft Wing.
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Circulation control wing
A circulation control wing (CCW) is a form of High-lift device for use on the main wing of an aircraft to increase the lift coefficient.
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61st Air Base Wing
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451st Air Expeditionary Wing
The 451 AEW provides a persistent and powerful airpower presence in the Afghanistan area of operations. 451st AEW Airmen provide world-class Tactical Airlift, Close Air Support, Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance, Command and Control, Airborne Datalink, Combat Search and Rescue, Casualty Evacuation and Aeromedical Evacuation capabilities whenever and wherever needed.
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305th Air Mobility Wing
The 305 AMW is a tenant unit at Joint Base McGuire-Dix-Lakehurst (JB MDL) in central New Jersey.
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455th Air Expeditionary Wing
It is one of two AEWs in Afghanistan, presently assigned to Bagram Airfield and is also the host unit at Bagram.
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960th Airborne Air Control Squadron
Provide the Combat Air Force with airborne systems and personnel for surveillance, warning and control of strategic, tactical, and special mission forces.
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961st Airborne Air Control Squadron
It operates the E-3 Sentry aircraft conducting airborne command and control missions.
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963d Airborne Air Control Squadron
The squadron is a subordinate unit of the 552d Air Control Wing and it flies the E-3 Sentry, radar surveillance aircraft.
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22d Air Refueling Wing
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514th Air Mobility Wing
The 514th Air Mobility Wing (514 AMW) is a wing of the United States Air Force based out of McGuire Air Force Base, New Jersey.
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505th Command and Control Wing
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962d Airborne Air Control Squadron
The 962d Airborne Air Control Squadron (962 AACS) is part of the 3d Wing at Elmendorf Air Force Base, Alaska.
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406th Air Expeditionary Wing
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4706th Air Defense Wing
The 4706th Air Defense Wing is an inactive United States Air Force organization.
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40th Air Expeditionary Wing
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4709th Air Defense Wing
Mission of wing was to train and maintain tactical flying units in state of readiness in order to defend Northeast United States.
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4708th Air Defense Wing
It was inactivated on 18 October 1956.
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964th Airborne Air Control Squadron
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99th Air Base Wing
The wing is also the host unit at Nellis.
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