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Игровые виды спорта          Автор Frederic P.          Издательство Книга по Требованию

1955 NBA Draft
100 стр. мягкая обложка

автор:Frederic P.
издательство: Книга по Требованию
цена:1333 руб
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High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! In each round, the teams select in reverse order of their win-loss record in the previous season. Dick Ricketts from Duquesne University was selected first overall by the Milwaukee Hawks. Three players from this draft, Maurice Stokes, Tom Gola, and Jack Twyman, have been inducted to the Basketball Hall of Fame. Dick Garmaker and Tom Gola were selected before the draft as Minneapolis Lakers' and Philadelphia Warriors' territorial picks respectively. The draft was held on April 13, 1955 before the 1955-56 season. The 1955 NBA Draft was the ninth annual draft of the National Basketball Association. In this draft, eight remaining NBA teams took turns selecting amateur U. S. college basketball players. The Milwaukee Hawks participated in the draft, but relocated to St. Louis, Missouri and became the St. Louis Hawks prior to the start of the season. The draft consisted of 14 rounds comprising 95 players selected. Second pick of the draft, Maurice Stokes from Saint Francis University won the Rookie of the Year Award.

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Большой энциклопедический словарь (Часть 2, ЛЕОНТЬЕВ - ЯЯТИ)

НАЯДА - спутник Нептуна, открыт с борта космического аппарата "Вояджер-2" (США, 1989). Расстояние от Нептуна ок. 48,2 тыс. км, диаметр ок. 50 км. НАЯДЫ - в греческой мифологии нимфы рек, ручьев и озер. НАЯРИТ (Nayarit) - штат на западе Мексики. 27 тыс. км2. Население 825 тыс. человек (1990). Адм. ц. - Тепик. НБА (NBA) - см. Национальная баскетбольная ассоциация. НГАНАСАНСКИЙ ЯЗЫК (тавгийский - тавгийско-самоедский), относится к самодийской группе уральских языков. Разрабатывается письменность на основе русского алфавита. НГАНАСАНЫ (самоназвание - ня) - народ в Красноярском кр. (Российская Федерация). 1,3 тыс. человек (1992). Язык нганасанский. Верующие православные, часть придерживается традиционных верований. НГАТА (Ngata) Апирана (1874-1950) - новозеландский ученый, участник движения за равноправие маори и возрождение маорийской культуры. НГО ДИНЬ ЗЬЕМ (Нго Динь Дьем) (Ngo Dinh Diem) (1901-63) - президент Юж. Вьетнама в 1955-63. Свергнут в результате военного переворота. Убит. НГО КЮЙЕН (898-945) - вьетнамский основатель династии Нго, император (939-945) ...

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Игровые виды спорта

Eligibility for the NBA Draft
Although educational systems in countries outside the US sometimes differ dramatically from the American model, and the system of developing young athletes is radically different in most of the rest of the world, this was not an issue in the early decades of the NBA.
          1189 руб
Nba Draft 06
Italian Andrea Bargnani was selected selected first overall by Toronto Raptors, who won the draft lottery.
          1393 руб
1999 NBA Draft
The 1999 NBA Draft was held on June 30, 1999 at the MCI Center in Washington, D. C. . It was the first draft in which four players from the same college were picked in the first round, with Elton Brand (1st selection), Trajan Langdon, Corey Maggette (13th) and William Avery being selected out of Duke University.
          1333 руб
1955 NBA Playoffs
          1333 руб
1989 NBA Draft
It has been regarded as one of the worst drafts in NBA history, along with the 1986 NBA Draft and the 2000 NBA Draft.
          1138 руб
1990 NBA Draft
This draft produced only one perennial All-Star.
          1529 руб
1991 NBA Draft
However, a trade to the New York Knicks caused his numbers to reduce dramatically and ongoing back problems further decreased his effectiveness.
          1333 руб
1992 NBA Draft
The top three picks were considered can' t-miss prospects. O' Neal and Mourning are likely Hall of Famers.
          1333 руб
1993 NBA Draft
Anfernee Hardaway, Allan Houston, and Jamal Mashburn all looked like possible Hall of Famers until their careers were cut short by injuries.
          1333 руб
1994 NBA Draft
Jason Kidd and Grant Hill would end up as perennial All-Stars, though Grant Hill' s career has been marred by severe injuries. The first overall pick Glenn Robinson was involved in a contract holdout shortly after being selected, reportedly seeking an unprecedented 13 year, $100 million dollar contract. Both Robinson and the Milwaukee Bucks eventually agreed on a 10 year, $68 million dollar contract, which stands as the richest NBA contract signed by a rookie. A fixed salary cap for rookies was implemented by the NBA the following season. High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles! The 1994 NBA Draft took place on June 29, 1994 in Indianapolis, Indiana. It is notable for the fact that two NBA rookies of the year were picked in the first round, as Jason Kidd and Grant Hill were co-winners of the award for the 1994-95 NBA season.
          1529 руб
1995 NBA Draft
The 1995 NBA Draft took place on June 28, 1995 at SkyDome in Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
          1765 руб
1996 NBA Draft
It is widely considered to be one of the deepest and most talented NBA drafts in history, with over one-third of the first round picks, as well as the undrafted Ben Wallace, later becoming NBA All-Stars.
          1529 руб
1997 NBA Draft
The 1997 NBA Draft took place on June 25, 1997 in Charlotte, North Carolina.
          1529 руб
1998 NBA Draft
With Nash and Nowitzki, the Mavericks quickly went from a lottery team in the late 1990s to a perennial playoff contender throughout the 2000s.
          1529 руб
2004 NBA Draft
The NBA announced that 56 college and high school players and 38 international players had filed as early-entry candidates for the 2004 draft.
          1765 руб
2001 NBA Draft
The 2001 NBA Draft took place on June 27, 2001 in New York City, New York.
          1529 руб
2007 NBA Draft
However, he missed the 2007-08 season due to microfracture surgery on his right knee during the pre-season.
          1333 руб
2000 NBA Draft
To date, it is the last draft held at the home arena of an NBA team; the following and subsequent drafts have all taken place at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York.
          1138 руб
2002 NBA Draft
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1529 руб
2003 NBA Draft
High Quality Content by WIKIPEDIA articles!
          1765 руб

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